Sunday, June 06, 2004

1.Failure 2.bugs
3.Being LONELY

1. Myself
2. The thoughts that run though peoples heads.
3. the point of talking shit about people

1. Everything about Music
2. To Tango
3. To Read Peoples Minds.

1. shirt
2. shorts
3. underwear (no bra)

1. Get married and have kids
2. do all the crazy things I want to do
3. Run through the middle of New York in a Wedding Dress

1. I am Spartacus
2. Why?
3. Rawk The Mullet

1. Venice
2. Paris
3. Germany

1. Mina Kaye
2. My Real Name
3. Spartacus

1. Mina_Daria
2. WuzupMinaKaye
3. MinaKaye

piercings = 3
tattoos = 0
height = 5’0
shoe size = 6-7
hair color = Blonde
siblings = 2

movie you rented = Texas Chainsaw Massacure
song you listened to =Steel Dragon “Stand Up and SHout”
song that was stuck in your head = “Three Little Pigs- Green Jelly”
cd you bought = CD-RW
cd you listened to = Nirvana
person that’s called you = Nik (on kerks Phone)
tv show you’ve watched = Sci Fi- Bizarre Something
person you were thinking of = Nik

you have a crush on someone =Yes
you wish you could live somewhere else = oh hell yeah
others find you attractive = dunno
you want more piercings = yea
you drink = sumtimes
you do drugs = depends
you smoke = yes
you like cleaning = hell no
you like roller coasters = yeah
you write in cursive or print = print

long distance relationships = against
suicide = against
killing people = against!
teenage smoking = For
doing drugs = For
driving drunk = Against
gay/lesbian relationships = For
soap operas = Against

food = avocados
thing to do = Dance/Sing
sports = Hula Hoop!
drinks = Dacuri.. ORANGE SODA
clothes = Clothes that make me stand out.
movies = Chicago
singer =
holiday = Halloween

ever cried over a boy = Yes
ever lied to someone = yes
ever been in a fist fight = yes
ever been arrested = yes

shampoo do you use = Herbal Essences
shoes do you wear = Fake Chuck Taylors
is your desktop backround = My Child Lover

of times I have been in love? = 5
of times I have had my heart broken? = Too many
of boys I have kissed? = I’m not even gonna try and figure that out.
of drugs taken illegally? = 4
friends? = ….
of people I consider my enemies? = 6
of scars on my body? = a lot
of things in my past that I regret? = MY ENTIRE PAST

you trust most? = My Dad/Nik
you miss the most? = Kip
is your best friend? = Nik/Jake
is the loudest? = Allison
is the cuttest? = Allison

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Yesterday was… How do I put it… … … … Pleasant.
I really enjoyed myself. I had promised Brandy that I would go shopping with her, But while I was over at her house, I got a hair up my ass and decided to call Nik. He wasn’t home, but his mom answered the phone and invited me to go with them to the Quad Cities. OK, so how could I not be thrilled. His mom of all people was inviting me. That was a serious OMG moment. I told Brandy, and being very incouraging, she said I should go. So I went home, packed pajama’s etc. Nik showed up and I just ended up spending the night at their house (which is still really fucking amazing) considering his mom, or any mom for that matter. They are all so uptight, but no make a long story short, I got to spend the entire evening with him, watching Euro-Trip and Big Fish, not having to worry about a bed time, or having to go home. Just him. Just talking and enjoying his presence. Engulfing as much of him as I can consume. He makes me happy… Can I beat that?
– Mina Kaye

You Have Been Weighed.
You Have Been Measured.
You Have Been Found Wanting.
-A Knights Tale

How to spot a poser/punk rock fabrications


How to spot a poser/punk rock fabrications

By Kevin Prostitute and Amy the Yodeling Call Girl

You all know what we’re talking about. Either you’re truly punk or you’re one of the people who’s shit we’re on to. My guess would be the latter. We all know you have rich fucking parents. We all know you were a jock in high school, turned fat (or lost weight, it can work either way) and ugly, and the only way out was to pose as a punk rock freak. Well, you little faggots hiding behind your record collections, leopard print shirts and leather pants, we, who are smarter and much more real than you, have been compiling a list of lies that you all tell and are about to put the truth out there. You’ll never be able to tell someone that you lived on the streets when you were younger without thinking in the back of your head that someone out there knows you’re a fucking liar. Enough of the blank; let’s get down to the list.

1. “I ran away when I was in high school and had to live on the streets for years.”

2. “I’ve spent a lot of time in jail.”

3. “I don’t do that shit… I had a friend that got really fucked up on it.”

4. “Man, we were doing tons of drugs and liquor all night dude.”

5. “We pack ‘em in; we’ve played to like 800 people before.”

6. “I am punk rock/Yeah, I play guitar.”

7. “I’ve been listening to this stuff since I was in second grade.”

8. “I hung out with Duane Peters/Marky Ramone/Blag Dahlia/Jello Biafra.”

9. “I got all of these tattoos because I really like them, not because everyone else does it.”

10. “Man, did you see all those chick’s hangin’ all over me after the show? I’ve got a huge dick.”

Explanation List
1. When did you find time to enroll in college? Were you really out on the streets? Chances are it went down like this: Your dad says “Stop calling your mom a bitch, or you can get the hell out of here.” You say “Okay”, and then you go tell your friends that your parents kicked you out. You spend two nights at your friends house and come back home. FYI, that’s not living in the streets. I don’t remember ever seeing a homeless person wearing eyeliner, leather, and leopard print.

2. Twelve hours isn’t a lot of time, and visiting friends and relatives doesn’t count. (Neither does monopoly, fucko)

3. Being the loser that you are, you probably don’t have any friends in the first place. Johnny Thunders doesn’t count as a friend, dipshit. It’s good to see that you found a way to improvise on Nancy Regan’s JUST SAY NO tactics and find a way to avoid looking like a peer pressure looser. Maybe some more time at McDonald’s will do you some good after all.

4. Pot, Acid, and PBR are not drugs. I REPEAT: THESE ARE NOT DRUGS! Whenever you mention that you did drugs and are not specific, it’s a sure give away that you were just smoking pot, which every fucking hippy and businessman would be considered a drug addict if it were really a drug. And don’t give me any of that VIVARIN shit either. Still not a drug.

5. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! Maybe an accumulation of your shows over the past three years. And having the same loser people in other bad bands that play at the same venue the same night don’t count as “packin’ em in”. Just because your friends say they like you doesn’t mean you’re any fucking good. When was the last time you lied to one of your friends?..exactly….

6. If you are punk rock, then why do you have to tell me? This isn’t some new invention. And if you can play guitar, why the fuck aren’t you in a band that I’ve heard of? And why don’t you have a guitar?

7. Unless your mother was Nancy Spungen, I don’t fucking buy it. You grew up in suburbia listening to fucking Wham! and Hall and Oats just like the rest of the free world. And who cares if you’ve liked a band longer than anyone you know? Are we in a contest? Oh… that’s just you. I won’t even get into the t-shirt part. (band shirts are lame)

8. WHO THE FUCK HASN’T? The only thing that makes my story better is that I can’t remember it.

9. Oh really? Admit you got them because of that Red Hot Chili Peppers video. Oh, wait, maybe we’re wrong, we forgot, you’re waaaaaaaaay into Social “D”.

10. Chances are if you’re telling me that you have a huge dick, it’s a centimeter long. And no, I didn’t see them talking to you. You were talking to them. And didn’t you go home alone to your parents’ basement with the beef jerky and Swank Confidential that you picked up at the 7-11?

Top Ten Songs for Spring
American Dream ( The Stepmothers )
I hate cops (The Authorities)
I wanna destroy you (The Soft Boys)
Another girl, another planet ( The Only Ones)
Antisocial (Screwdriver)
Pack your bags (The Bodies)
Caught in my eye (Germs)
Rock n Roll Nigger (Patti Smith)
Jet Boy, Jet Girl (Damned)
Cheree (Suicide)

Mr Perfect


Mr Perfect

  1. Dominating
  2. Long hair with brown/blue eyes
  3. Handsome
  4. Muscular – Obvious, But not extreme
  5. Weight depending on height – not skinny, not fat
  6. Good sense of humor
  7. Dimples
  8. Cute laugh
  9. Sensitive
  10. *Affectionate* in front of friends
  11. Gives me lots of attention
  12. Outgoing
  13. Popular but doesn’t know the whole state
  14. Friends with my friends
  15. Nice smile
  16. Skips Rocks Across The water
  17. No facial or body hair (except legs n under arms)
  18. Pierced ear(s) if any
  19. Tattoos
  20. Likes to cuddle
  21. Likes to party
  22. Takes me out
  23. Grabs my hand to hold
  24. Kisses me unexpectedly
  25. Catches Things In His Mouth
  26. Has a good job
  27. Tells me he misses me when we’re not together
  28. Makes me laugh
  29. Open minded
  30. Polite
  31. Holds doors for me
  32. Opens car doors
  33. *Romantic*
  34. *Likes all type of music*
  35. Likes going to the movies
  36. *Talks to his friends about me*
  37. Looks into my eyes when just laying there on the bed
  38. Gives massages without me having to ask
  39. Plays with my hair
  40. Calls me to just say hello
  41. Tries not to argue
  42. Apologizes for when he does wrong
  43. *Says what he’s feeling*
  44. Has a car
  45. Has a pet
  46. Has a family that likes me
  47. Compliments me
  48. Spoils Me
  49. Doesn’t curse all the time
  50. Wants to be with me as much as possible
  51. Comes over unexpectedly
  52. Wakes me up with a kiss
  53. Same age or 3 years at the most older than me
  54. *Trustworthy*
  55. Patient
  56. Likes to shop
  57. Has good manners
  58. Doesn’t smoke
  59. Occasionally drinks
  60. Athletic
  61. Is on time for dates
  62. Calls back later when he says he will
  63. Lives close to me
  64. Wants to meet my family (even though they suck)
  65. Treats me like a princess
  66. Has a cute butt
  67. Good kissable lips
  68. Good kisser
  69. Good memory
  70. Does special things for holidays/birthdays/anniversary/etc
  71. Intelligent
  72. Has direction
  73. Creative
  74. Likes everything about me
  75. Committed
  76. *My best friend*
  77. Respectful
  78. Mature
  79. Persistent – Hard working
  80. Likes walks on the beach
  81. Likes just staying home sometimes
  82. Writes me songs/poems
  83. Likes to dance
  84. Has a sexy voice
  85. Cooks for me
  86. Likes to show me off
  87. Calls me or introduces me as his “girlfriend” not “Rachel”
  88. Likes to take pictures
  89. Flirts with me in public and in private
  90. Puts up with my mood swings/Patient
  91. Comforts me when I’m sad
  92. Doesn’t say “sorry” all the time when it’s not needed
  93. Sticks up for me
  94. Likes animals
  95. Sends me flowers for no reason (Just Because its Wednesday)
  96. Ignores my imperfections
  97. Surprises me (good surprises)
  98. Doesn’t ever yell at me
  99. Likes picnics
  100. Likes to clean
  101. First to say I Love You
  102. Listens to me
  103. Smells good
  104. Trustworthy
  105. Likes kids
  106. Makes me the center of his world
  107. Not in trouble with the law
  108. Isn’t a goody-goody
  109. Doesn’t stare at other girls
  110. Doesn’t talk to other girls more than me (ok, there are always exceptions, Its a jealousy thing.)
  111. Doodles our names on paper
  112. Likes to draw
  113. Leaves notes on my car
  114. Let’s me go out with him and his friends
  115. Will hang out with me and my friends
  116. Puts pictures of me in his car and wallet
  117. Gets jealous but not too jealous
  118. Dependable
  119. Doesn’t hang up on me
  120. Calls me babe, sweetie, etc
  121. Calls me cute pet names
  122. Isn’t conceited
  123. Isn’t a penny-pincher
  124. Enjoys sports and going to sports events
  125. Likes to play board games/video games and lets me win
  126. Doesn’t play mind games
  127. Doesn’t just think about sex
  128. Cares about world issues
  129. Doesn’t make me cry
  130. Leaves sweet voicemails/text messages on my phone
  131. Isn’t shy
  132. Has hopes, dreams, and wishes
  133. Opinionated
  134. Will watch chick flicks even if he doesn’t like them
  135. Can spell
  136. Sticky Fingers
  137. Masochist
  138. Can carry a convertation
  139. Loud in the sack
  140. 6 inches and 1 centameter
  141. Perfect Freckles
  142. Not Prideful/Spiteful/Backstabbing/Stuck up/
  143. Simple/Sentamental
  144. Handy Man
  145. Understanding Of Crazy Whims, Mood Swings, And PMS
  146. Rennisance Man
  147. Always Knows what to Say
  148. Trusts Me
  149. Huggable
  150. Understanding
  151. Gets A Little Jealous Sometimes
  152. Nice Shoulders and Ankles
  153. Can Buy Feminine Products in an Emergency
  154. Stands Up For Me
  155. Punctual
  156. Still Flirts With You even when you are an Item
  157. Doesn’t Mind Shopping (and Waiting while you try on the same shirt in four different colors)
  158. Slighty Daring (Little Bit Of A “Bad Boy”)
  159. Spontaneous

Its Still A Work In Progress. LOL


“Well, here is to Ronald Reagan, for giving punk rockers twelve years of having something worth rebelling against.  (2 terms plus one of Bush the senior)and now,
here’s to George W. Bush, may we only have to hate his guts for five more months.”
-Rob Moberg