Can’t sleep

Sunday June 13, 2004
OK- Its 3am, and I’m still not asleep. Me and Kerk didn’t end up going to the Gig. We drove past it tho. Sigma was playing. Now thats at least one band in the DAMN FORSAKEN TOWN that I can respect (Music Wise). I realized that the bugs wear gonna be too bad out there, so when we were drive away, Brandy calls and asks us if we want to rent movies and chill, so that was cool, we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacure (whatever) and some BLOOD DRIVE thing by Rob Zombie. The Man And His Finger. HALARIOUS! Got home about 11:30. Called my mom “So called emergany in South Carolina” I really hope she gets Deseree. I miss her so much. Me and dad went to Perkins to eat (I love their Spinach salads) and came home and I’ve been online ever since. I take it a lot of people know Bret Moore. I’ve had so many comments and emails about Dating him, and bitching at me for it. DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG? Well, I need to go to bed. Got to go to ADVENTURE LAND tomarrow. Lots of Love to the people I like and Lord shit on the rest of the world. HAHAHA.

– Mina Kaye JaegerMeister

Posted 6/13/2004 at 4:8 AM


argh, fucking rock stars.  i have trouble respecting any local band that doesn’t seem to recognize its own locality.

btw, have fun tomorrow!

Posted 6/13/2004 at 5:35 AM by Ithinkyoucanseeherkidneys
no i’m not saying you did something wrong.
i was just wondering if you did.
cause i just broke up with him.
he told me you guys never went out.
so he’s a liar.
and im pissed at him for lying.
i should beat him up, no?
Posted 6/13/2004 at 6:42 PM by HotPinkGymSocks