My Key. My Lock.


I got up this morning. With Nothing inparticular on my mind. Started getting ready about one pm. I was still dwelling on the thought of Nik, and how much he means to me, and that look he gave me in the truck ride home. I rolled up between my covers and cried at my own displeasure. I’m such a weakling. How I wish my emotions were more stable, so that I could stare at the sky and feel the emotion I’m supposed to. Instead of the many mixed emotions that float through my head. I fell asleep there, drowning in my despair at the main thing that means the most to me now. My Key. My Lock. How I worship the ground he walks upon. Lieing in my bed wishing he was beside me… Holding me in his arms that feel so right. So Perfect. Plain Pure Perfection in my eyes. He claims I’m too good for him. Yet, I think otherwise. I think he’s the most meaningful thing to ever cross my path. The most sencere moth to get caught dancing around my flame. I love him so. He makes me happy. So why do I cry. Damn my Borderline. Damn my second thoughts. I wont let them take over this time. My Tarot reading said to be better then my borderline, and to defeat it. It also garenteed, that he’s the one. He’s Mr Perfect, and not to loose this one. Dont’ Let me loose this one. Whatever I do…

I woke up hours later. My pillow wet with tears. Then furious at myself. THE CONCERT STARTED IN 10 MINUTES!

To Be Continued: Its 3:14am. I’ll finish this later.

2:24pm Wendsday-
Ok, Back. I came upstairs Grumpy. My dad continuously asking me whats wrong. Can’t he just realize “I have no Idea whats wrong” I just woke up. Thats about it. But he gave me a ride downtown. And I met up with Skippie (Skid, Jerrod) down at the concert. He’s so nice. He works at the Barn Swallow, But he was so hitting on me the whole time, complaining that he wants me to be he’s “Cuddle Buddy” I’m sorry. But he doesn’t have long hair, and his teeth are destrubing. And he’s 22, so that doesn’t help either, but he’s cool to hang with. We also ran into Officer FOGLE. They guy the wrote me the ticket the night before, so Skid got me on his good side. We sat and smoked right in front of him after that and he didn’t do a damn thing. YEAH!
The Gibbs Brothers Played. OMG they are so … how do you put it… Dreamy. Their Musicians, Have tattoos, piercings, Long hair, and wear eyeliner. How can you beat that. Nice teeth too.. hahaha. They jam out like no other. Me and Skid have that in common. Good taste in music. The Gibbs brothers can actually play compared to have the damn kids in town now a days. GOD they were awesome. Skid Says that I’m cool, for one, he says i’m hot, which is just so, … … i’m so not… , and he says i’m an older generation. I like the actual music. Which I can brag about. I have good taste. HAHA.
The only bad thing was that there was some tall fucker in front of us, who just wouldn’t get the hint. I don’t know how many times I gave him dirty looks or told him that he was tall. Kind of a hint hint, ” HEY I”M SHORTER THEN YOU AND YOUR IN THE FUCKING WAY!” Be considerate you stupid Preps. Thats the least you can do. But by the time Trapt hit the stage, he was gone and we were up close.
Strob Lights and Loud Booms, and the crowd going nutz! The energy was unbelieveable. I couldn’t help but think of Nik and think that he might of half way enjoyed this. Wishing it was him beside me head banging instead of some fucker without any hair. I was so sure he was going to break his neck, then again I admired him for getting so emotional over music. We also stole some alcohol signs that were hanging on the rails… Hey, they buy new ones anyway!
Trapts sounded awesome live. They sounded like they do on the CD which I admire in bands. At least they actually sing rather then lipsink too. By the end of the show, the crowd was wild. I had an awesome view. You could see people in the VIP crowd surfing and trying to mosh, but the pigs where really heavy. They were taking people out of the Pit that were crowd surfing. What party poopers. The end of HEADSTRONG was AMAZING. The sound was so loud I could feel the beats shaking within my body. People Jumping on the railing, Moshing, headbanging, getting really emotional. It was electric. The end came too soon. The Strobes were going off and all I could see was a bunch of hands shooting in the air showing their support.

So the light, and the hands, OMG. I can’t explain thrill.

We left the gig, and walked around steamboat days for a couple more hours. I ran into Jace, Kyle, and Blake. Yeah, I flashed them the previous year at steamboat days, so I guess they are wanting to see boobies. haha Pansies… Still Thrilled by boobs…. Its so great.
Me and Skid and his friend all went to my house and Smoked. My second Night in a row. Skid himself didn’t leave until like 3am. Which I wasn’t too thrilled about. I guess he wanted to “Bond” But I was tired. Which almost caused me to miss my appointment with O Rourk this morning. I called my cousin and she drove me downtown. But I had to walk home, in the heat, Still in my pajama’s, so i wasn’t too thrilled. But Wierd Harolds was having their outdoor CD sale again, so I got me the 10 things I hate about you SoundTrack. (That I love so VERY VERY MUCH) Yeah! and the Puddle Of Mudd CD “Come Clean” … 5 Bucks. I think I got a deal. Well, Someone is supposed to come get me at about 3:30 to take me to a werewolf game. its gonna be a cookout!… HEY! woop!.. lol. Anyway. People. Leave Comments. I like comments…. Except the ones that say ” OMG, YOU SLEPT MY BOYFRIEND BEFORE I EVER DATED HIM” like OMG… Totally.. GAG ME WITH SPOON!

Later Fuckups: – Mina Kaye

Posted 6/16/2004 at 5:21 AM