Don’t let Emotions Show


Thursday June 17, 2004
Fuck… Just when you think you have
trained your mind to not let any
emotion show…
SOMETHING FUCKS WITH YOU!How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

I hate the way you talk to me,

and the way you cut your hair.

I hate that you can’t drive a car,

I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big wierd hooker boots

and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick,

it even makes me rhyme.

I hate the way you’re always right,

I hate that I can’t tell when you lie.

I hate it when you make me laugh,

even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you’re not around,

and the fact that you can’t call.

But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you,

not even close…

not even a little bit…

not even at all.

Yea, yea, I know, I ripped it off, but at least I changed some of it to make it fit into our context. Besides, I’m allowed to rip it off, It’s our movie anyway

Well, lately, my whole world has been turned upside down. It’s been one wild surge of emotions, and sometimes hormones But through it all… there’s been one emotion that has prevailed. I used to not beleive in love at first sight. I used to not think there was much of anything to life. I used to be dumb, and ignorant, and folly. I used to tell someone I loved them, not meaning it for a second. I don’t know why… It was really stupid of me…


Posted 6/17/2004 at 2:41 AM

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