Tuesday September 28, 2010


Take me on the ride of my life.
Woo Me. Love Me.
Show me the world.
Embrace me. Care for me.
Set me free, then come be free with me.
Dance with me to our favorite song
Underneath the stars.
Kiss me as softly as the touch of petals upon my lips.
Come play with me in the downpour of warm rain.
As we splash in the puddles like children.
Let me turn over, in the early hours of dawn
Let it be your face I wake to.
Your loving arms engulfing me.
Throughout all the little things,
Let it always be you and I.

Copyright © 2009


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“Satiate My Barren Hole For Existance”

Tuesday September 28, 2010

Satiate My Barren Hole For Existance

by Kimberly Kaye Jaeger

My looking glass is broken.
It ruptured at my face.
Is my inside-self so hidious?
Am I stripped of all my grace?
\So, apparently my existance is inconsequential.
No real reason keeps me here.
Except for dreams. Except for longing.
And the Little things I hold dear.
\So, permit me just one real reason.
Cause mine just ain’t sufficient.
Present me reasons as to why i’m quality.
As of yet, nothings been efficient.

Copyright © 2009


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“And I Will Live WithOut You Love, But What Good Is One Glove… Without The Other”

Tuesday September 28, 2010

And I Will Live WithOut You Love, But What Good Is One Glove… Without The Other

by Kimberly Kaye Jaeger


Avoided, Forgotten, Unloved, Undesired,
Detested Once Again By The One I Look Up To Most.
Just A Void In His Eyes.
Worthless, Sterile… Nobody.
My Affections Mean Nothing To Him.
He Has Other Passions in Mind.
Perhaps Our Moment Was WorthLess. Perhaps Just A One Night Stand?
I Thought It To Be So Much More.
Why Do I Waste My Time, Envying Such A Man?
Why Do I stare From A distance Now?
Why do my kisses go Unreturned, Unsatified, Unquenched?
How come this Illusion Of Love has Perverted my disposition?
How Come I’ve let it?
So many Question’s To ask and no answers to be returned.
Just my state of languishing for His concupiscence Once again.

Copyright © 2009


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“Pointless Efforts”

Tuesday September 28, 2010

Pointless Efforts

by Kimberly Kaye Jaeger


My efforts are always so pointless.
I wait, and they never come back.
I found some rope. I’ll make my self a noose.
I’ll go beautifully and elegantly.
Heartbroken and melancholy.
Dancing in the rain was always so dreary anyway.

Copyright © 2009


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Tuesday September 28, 2010

Tuesday September 28, 2010


(This is the first poem I’ve written in years. I’m not quite sure I’m still any good at this any more. Its a VERY rough draft. Doesn’t have much flow and I think it rhymes too much for too long. But I was surprised the way the words flew from me. Feed back Request) Thax – Mina Kaye

Stop your stride
Take a glance
Your missing out on a good chance
To experience lifes soulful dance

The World is yours to explore
A life that is worth livin for
So don’t ignore
Life’s many moment encores

Don’t keep existing
But follow the foot way
Stop awaiting tomorrow’s doomsday
Its okay
Be free to say
That life is but a cabaret
Come what may
Don’t dread for Monday
But look forward to someday
Don’t be part of the cliche
Dream forever;  Live as though you’ll die today

Don’t live your life on autopilot
Get out there and chase that comet
May the world circle around your orbit.
See life through the eyes of a poet
Don’t Be afraid to Dream


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Letter To A Sister,

Tuesday September 28, 2010
wow! thats so weird its been the VERY Same for me too. I’ve had you in and out of my thoughts really randomly too. And I have found myself watching sailor moon for comfort. Its almost like your here hugging me. Oh Kayla I’ve made so many mistakes this last year. Even when people look at my life and think of how lucky and grateful I should be; I’m so sad, lonely, and miserable. My other close friend here; also “Kayla”; just moved away to Wisconsin. So Now I have neither of you! Strangely I never realized how many people I Don’t actually have. Just tons of acquaintances who don’t really care but feel the need to be a force that drives my life swirling in different directions. Deep down I know where I want to be. I want to be with you and Kip. But I feel like I’ve ruined all my chances of that. Even still I long to come home. This summer was the most eye opening experience of my life. I felt more free than I ever have. I was completely who I wanted to be at every moment of the day. Did I mention I almost married Kip while I was there? Ordered the marriage license and everything. Just didn’t go back the next day to go through with it. Was too scared… Why do I do this to myself??? I found the certificate the other day and cried and cried. Yet I cry to myself, no one is here to help pick me up and dust me off. I carry his hair around with me in a locket. What would happen if I came back to live? And do you know anyone who would take me in? I love you. I miss you. Sister forever, A bond that doesn’t break Your Kimberly
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Monday September 20, 2010

Monday September 20, 2010



You aren’t ready to trust your feelings, for you believe that a rational approach to life makes the most sense. You might even try to fight against what you already know in your heart. It’s not that you don’t want a more emotionally charged life, it’s just that you aren’t looking forward to giving up on your dream of stability. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to deny what you want, so stop trying to justify inaction because you’re afraid of losing control.

Much too true

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Monday September 20, 2010

Kayla, I hate you for leaving me

Posted 9/20/2010 at 5:28 AM