Un-Proportional Little Feet


I seriously need help. How do I continue to suffer through life this way. The world’s largest clusts. I trip over my own feet as if it were someone else out to spite me and watch me smash my face into the floor. No wonder I despise my job. How can my bosses take me seriously when I’m dropping and falling over anything about. I covered my eyes in complete embarrassment, surrounded by my bosses and co-workers as hot water scawled down the front of my white blouse. A feeling of horror swept me as I realized what had just happened, yelping and dropping the hot water and coffee I had been carrying. All eyes on me, bless his heart Ramon to my rescue once again, covering my ass for what reason I don’t know, Picking up the containers and placing them on the counter. Handing me my to-do list that I failed to pick up out of fear of bending over and colliding heads or some other unfortunate catashrafye. I picture then feeling pity for me; thinking “Don’t quit your day job Mina” then saying nothing out of the sad event that this is… my day job. Will I always be this incapable?