Letter To A Sister,


Tuesday September 28, 2010
wow! thats so weird its been the VERY Same for me too. I’ve had you in and out of my thoughts really randomly too. And I have found myself watching sailor moon for comfort. Its almost like your here hugging me. Oh Kayla I’ve made so many mistakes this last year. Even when people look at my life and think of how lucky and grateful I should be; I’m so sad, lonely, and miserable. My other close friend here; also “Kayla”; just moved away to Wisconsin. So Now I have neither of you! Strangely I never realized how many people I Don’t actually have. Just tons of acquaintances who don’t really care but feel the need to be a force that drives my life swirling in different directions. Deep down I know where I want to be. I want to be with you and Kip. But I feel like I’ve ruined all my chances of that. Even still I long to come home. This summer was the most eye opening experience of my life. I felt more free than I ever have. I was completely who I wanted to be at every moment of the day. Did I mention I almost married Kip while I was there? Ordered the marriage license and everything. Just didn’t go back the next day to go through with it. Was too scared… Why do I do this to myself??? I found the certificate the other day and cried and cried. Yet I cry to myself, no one is here to help pick me up and dust me off. I carry his hair around with me in a locket. What would happen if I came back to live? And do you know anyone who would take me in? I love you. I miss you. Sister forever, A bond that doesn’t break Your Kimberly
Posted 9/28/2010 at 5:20 AM

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