Friday January 28, 2011

Friday January 28, 2011
I thought this was was pretty clever, and it illustrates how frail our logic can be when compared against the wisdom of God.  A farmer and his son were working in a field.  They had worked all morning and at noon took a break, resting beneath the branches of a large oak.  As they lay against the trunk of the tree, looking at the world around, the son said to his father, “You know, God made some mistakes when He made this world.”  The father grinned and said only, “Oh yeah?”  The son continued, “Look up into this tree.  There are all these huge, strong branches and all they hold are these tiny acorns.  Now, look at the pumpkin patch.  These giant pumpkins pull down the little scrawny green vines that they come from.  You’d think that if God were so smart, He’d a used the giant branches in the tree to hold those big ol’ pumpkins and let the little acorns grow on that scrawny vine.”

Just as he finished speaking, an acorn dropped from the branch and hit him on the forehead.  As he said, “Ouch!” and began rubbing the spot, his father, without opening the eyes he’d been resting said, “Good thing that wasn’t a pumpkin.”

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Thursday January 27, 2011

Thursday January 27, 2011
So life has been pretty stressful lately. Have a lot on my plate and not  enough hours in the day to make it all happen. i have a several projects on my to do list:

1: Rock Steady
2: Bombshell
3: Bart Howard
4: Pageant
5: College
6: Record an Album
7: Lawyers

A lot to worry about. I just wish the bad would just go away. I want to shelter myself behind a papermache mask so no one will reconize me sumtimes. Can’t even grocery shop in peice anymore.

So, really putting alot into this song Please Mister Jailer. I dedicate it to Tyler who is being held captive by the law as these words are written. I’m going to record my own verison of this song then me and and a friend are going to make a music video with it. Should be a lot of fun! Just trying to make this bad situation as positive as I can. Tyler has opened my eyes and helped me to look at the world with a whole new set of dreams. I will not succumb to simplicity. I refuse to settle! I shall ride this bull for the whole 8 Seconds! Woop! So many things to do, So little Time. I feel so empowered!


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller”


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Friday January 21, 2011

Friday January 21, 2011
I love my new make up. Its makes my skin so soft! History of Rock and Roll was good again, gotta write a about about Merle Haggard. Don’t my class rock :) Tomarrow is paintin so I got to get to bed early and be up by seven. Then I need to pick stuff up from Grahams and get the tickets for tomarrow nights show. Anthony Gomes. Hes so entertaining to watch :P. Francois is being a pain in my butt. Making a ton of racket, playing in sacks, spilling my water. I swear men always know just what to do to peeve you off right? lol its okay I still loves him! Time for bed!

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Wednesday January 19, 2011

Wednesday January 19, 2011
So I’ve taken an interest in the Mayan Beliefs and the Dec 2012 change that is supposed to occur. Also the concept of Consciousness not from a religious point of view. Anyone have any say in this or websites to check out. I think this would make a great discussion.

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Wednesday January 19, 2011

Wednesday January 19, 2011
Today has been a good day. Yesterday went good as well. Great practice at Joel Kipps house with dad and Scott. Patrick got me the best essentials of the clinique line so that I look perfect for my pageant that I am SO looking forward to. Its been great fun in the past and I just keep wanting to keep reaching for better things in the future. Being busy had made the loneliness easier. I don’t have time to have a guy right now. I do long to be kissed or held from time to time, mostly when I lay down for bed, but in general I can’t keep up with my own life let alone have anyone else. I need this anyway. To overcome my co-dependency on men perhaps. This should be a good thing. Besides I have my Francois. He’s so CUTTTEE! He likes his new hammock :)

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Wednesday January 19, 2011

Wednesday January 19, 2011
Another call from the court systems regarding Tyler. Trivial questions that I have no idea or understanding why something so silly would have anything to do with anything. I asked when I would get to see him. Probably never I suppose. I just want to see him. That look he gets on his face. He has such a strong will. I wonder if I could ever be that strong. I guess I want to know if I was his ploy. If he resents me, or if maybe he really did care. I regret the last time I seen him. I was so negative, and him, detached. I guess after all of this craziness I just want to know how he feels.  Or if he really is just a numb sociopath. This time I will come prepared. I won’t let his mind tricks work on me. Instead, I will use my own to find out the truth. Was he really protecting me that night or did he actually have other motives?

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Tuesday January 18, 2011

Tuesday January 18, 2011
Went to school this morning. @ SCC, the local community college for those of you who think I’m still 16 *Bla* lol. I’m taking the most awesome class EVER! The History of ROCK AND ROLL BAY BEE!!! Ms Pirtle is the teacher and although shes not incredible exciting to listen to, everything that comes of of her mouth is very intriging for me. Today we were learning about my era 1940’s. The Big Band era along side Tin Pan Alley. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland. The Best of the Best! I’m positive I squeaked with excitement several times. Everyone should be this excited about every class they do! Otherwise, I don’t think you should be doing it. :P Then after my dad picked me up and stopped by Younkers at the mall and set an appointment at the Clinique counter for this afternoon. My Pageant lady, I wonder if she has an actual title I’m supposed to refer her to, She said my make up need some HELP! and my wardrobe, and a lot of other things. I serious feel like the movie Ms Congeniality. Then again I had since I started doing these pageants. Then Dad and I went to the Musicians Pro Shop where I let Patty know that Scott was coming over with us tonight and I set dates to begin recording my Album :) Im so excited about this coming year. Im definately going to be super busy!!!! At least it should keep my mind away from anything negative. :) My mind is surprisingly clear today.

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