Wednesday January 19, 2011


Wednesday January 19, 2011
Today has been a good day. Yesterday went good as well. Great practice at Joel Kipps house with dad and Scott. Patrick got me the best essentials of the clinique line so that I look perfect for my pageant that I am SO looking forward to. Its been great fun in the past and I just keep wanting to keep reaching for better things in the future. Being busy had made the loneliness easier. I don’t have time to have a guy right now. I do long to be kissed or held from time to time, mostly when I lay down for bed, but in general I can’t keep up with my own life let alone have anyone else. I need this anyway. To overcome my co-dependency on men perhaps. This should be a good thing. Besides I have my Francois. He’s so CUTTTEE! He likes his new hammock :)

Posted 1/19/2011 at 3:40 PM

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