Friday January 28, 2011

Friday January 28, 2011
I thought this was was pretty clever, and it illustrates how frail our logic can be when compared against the wisdom of God.  A farmer and his son were working in a field.  They had worked all morning and at noon took a break, resting beneath the branches of a large oak.  As they lay against the trunk of the tree, looking at the world around, the son said to his father, “You know, God made some mistakes when He made this world.”  The father grinned and said only, “Oh yeah?”  The son continued, “Look up into this tree.  There are all these huge, strong branches and all they hold are these tiny acorns.  Now, look at the pumpkin patch.  These giant pumpkins pull down the little scrawny green vines that they come from.  You’d think that if God were so smart, He’d a used the giant branches in the tree to hold those big ol’ pumpkins and let the little acorns grow on that scrawny vine.”

Just as he finished speaking, an acorn dropped from the branch and hit him on the forehead.  As he said, “Ouch!” and began rubbing the spot, his father, without opening the eyes he’d been resting said, “Good thing that wasn’t a pumpkin.”

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