New Phone


Got a new phone. Its my Aunt Dawns old one. Works good. Gaudy shade of bright blue. Been chatting with Alex via phone. He’s such a sweet talker. I adore it.

Literally Swept off My Feet :p


Its been a long time I’ve been waiting to say that. I can’t really name any negatives at the moment either, and generally I can always name at least one quality I dislike but for a small town in Missouri , I can’t hold that against him.

His name is Alex Shaw, the enemy of my sociopathic lover, Tyler Hobbs. So it was a LONG night I will admit, but completely worth it. Bombshell & I played at Whitey’s for the Hope Haven Fundraiser which had a KILLER turnout. OMG I was nervous there were so many people. I didn’t like the lights being on but oh well. Apparently we got good compliments. Lost my phone the night before so that has been kicking me in the ass. Lame. Damn picked me up after the show and ran me down to Froggies in Kahoka MO. Angela cooked me a burger and showed me a song called “Jar of Hearts” OMG freaking killer. This chick has good take. I LOVE HER. Halfway threw the night my voice was already starting to go, but the bar loved us! The owners kept bringing me shots, everyone was bringing me beers and I caught the eye of the sexiest man in the bar. Really big arm muscles, short aka my size, and bright blue eyes like stars. I thought I had no chance but he walked up to me and asked me to dance. God was I in heaven. It didn’t feel awkward, It felt right for the first time since I’ve held Tyler. His cheek next to mine, he was the perfect size, it didn’t hurt my neck or anything, he sang in my ear, not well, but it was so precious and romantic. I don’t know whats up with the Missouri boys being all charming but I dig it! We danced twice in a row and for the remainder of the night he let me know he was mine, Includingdancing with me ON STAGE while I sang House of the Rising Sun. *Blushes* OMG OMG OMG OMG *giggles* That was incredibly flattering. We were paid well and I pissed off my father by staying in town when my father wanted him phone back right then and there. but the evening spent with Alex was a dream. I could be honest with him about the murder and about Tyler and he didn’t seem to judge me instead he was kindly supportive even though he didn’t like Tyler. I guess it does make me realize how stupid he was for the way he disposed of the body. Out in the open like that? What was he thinking. Honestly I still don’t understand why he decided to ditch the body elsewhere neway, unless it was his plan to just try and frame those meth heads so they’d be put away. Not cool having a meth lab around your kids. Fuckin dipshits. But Alex seems patient and likes to party and have fun, jealous but doesn’t seem overprotective and a hard worker. His family is nutz but what can I say? Whos isn’t? Then when we got to his house there was a GIANT Mudd mess which he carried me across. As I said, LITERALLY Swept off my feet.  He cuddled with me all night too :). Called me his Southern Bell.

Damn great time at Froggies! I can’t wait to go back! Alex called him mother and used her car to get me home. Hes quite the talker which I really like except he assumes I know who everyone is. Its like my 6th time playing in Missouri and when I was here with Tyler we never went out really.

After Alex left I fell asleep. It had been a very long weekend. I slept for 24 HOURS! and woke up to my dad saying “Its time to get ready for work” the next day. I haven’t seen Aaron in awhile, and Kayla spent the evening with me at the bar. Good times



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