Sad Dream


Weird Dream. I owned a restaurant … I was a good cook, but the food was too good I couldn’t keep up with clients … weird… random… dream



What a wonderful Weekend! Spent the weekend in Missouri. Had some really awesome gigs between Lucky Starrs and Kinnick South. Brandon, Kelsey, Keith and I all grilled out. Some goooood eaten all weekend Like Lisa’s cooking down in Carolina. Sunday was Kip’s birthday. He even called me that night. Its always wonderful to get to hear his voice. I’m so proud he’s got a job, a truck, and a new apartment. Thinking of making another trip down south to Carolina this summer after Steamboat days. What ya’ll think?

Call Dang You!!


In a good mood, but I’m also wiggin out at the same time. Kip called me like a lil over a week ago, THEN his phone turns off and I haven’t heard a damn thing since. I’m about to get in my car and go knock on his front door. :P That would be quite a trip though. I think I’ll wait for him to call :P lol Lil punk.

Cedar Falls Cold Concert. OWNED!


Its 9am and I just woke up as syked as I did falling asleep. Ha, and they called me party poopers I was still going! haha. So OWNED. Last night was insane and I came to so many conclusions its unreal. Second band in a week I’ve seen that is famous and I’m still thinking the same thing. I can do this? Pretty sure I made friends with half the bar last night and I was just being my wild and crazy self. So what do they do that I don’t. Catchy originals. Is that really all it is? Its gotta be more than that. or is  that really it? Write a catchy a tune. Never done it before but why not. So I got pictures with dude from Kodak and I’m pretty sure I weirded out everyone in every band but whatever, way to be lame. Short cute drunk blonde. Personally I would have found that amusing. Most people do. :P hehe. The lead singer didn’t remember our story but the guitarist with the dreads did. I got a jaegerbomb guitar pick, autographed necklaces and my ticket stub. Not to mention hugs. I’m so jealous they are sponcered by Jagermeister.  Nothing beats that. (Humps something random) No wonder they were on sell last night. :P People might think I’m crazy but seriously I can do this. Pretty sure I’m more friendly/outgoing anyway. Props to dude with the dreads. OMG the lead singer got SKINNY like …. creepy skinny. He still sounded amazing but damn… Was kinda weird. So they had that new sound board that my dad has been obsessing over, but the kid running it I swear was younger than me and a preppy prick. But strangely the first band I’ve ever thought needed their HIGHS aka Treble turned up. Normally the sound guy has them cranked but this band needed some vocally. Singer’s voice was still smooth as butter. and I was surprised by the back up vocals. I thought they would only be via Studio, but the guy with the dreads was singing backup vocals and sounded really good as well. I was quite surprised. Pretty sure I caused a break up last night. :P I kissed some girl that I met in the line going inside. She was short and awesome, but her BF was lame and insecure as hell and was like “Don’t kiss my girlfriend again” and I’m like… Really?? Insecure much? I suppose if I swung that way I would have won over him (evil giggle) … no wait, I’m not that way and I’m pretty sure I did anyway hahahaha. What a prick. We were just being girls. I’ve really never seen a guy get that insecure… … … ever. :P As I said I still won and we danced on the dance floor together. Funny story, met these guys who were not from the area they were coming to the town just to gamble and heard about the show on the radio. One dude won like 250 dollars so they came to the show and we were being onry as heck. It was awesome. Woa.. what a crazy night… So much happened in a matter of hours. The Boys and JIll are still passed out. Really what the hell am I doing up??? lol. Rereading this I think it sounds really … … should I say full of myself??? I’m prolly still intoxed. :) But as I said, I’m still crazier than anyone famous I’ve met in the last two weeks. I think i’m on to something  Muah haha ha ha!

Not really sure what yet… …

23rd Birthday @ Sherry’s


So my birthday Friday really didn’t turn out half bad. Partied @ Sherry’s in Oquawka with Rock Steady. Surrounded by good friends. Kayla had a beehive hair do which was gorgeous tho. Graham was fairly detached as normal. Amanda was a guest bartender. Lisa, Jenna and Angelina were being crazy as always! lol Anyway LONG story short, I got covered in my cake :P and I do mean COVERED. Cake to the FACE!!!! even got scott’s beard :P Planet Bob, Jenna and I went to sams. I went and partied with Adam G. Yesterday I slept the day away. And today I get a call from Kayla. Her and John finally hooked uP! Woot! Hope it lasts. I’ve had 2 1/2 hours of sleep and Im wait on Pepsi guy and the boys to get here to head to the Cold Concert.

My life is so eventful :)


Really wishin Kip would answer his PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya dork come on. We’ve been playing phone tag for days. Why is your stuff off now??? *pouts*

Anywho, long story short. I need a vacation. aka = Pooped lol :p Tim ba Too sounded adventurous :o

Tomorrow is my Birthday Party PEOPLE! Hope your coming! Sherry’s Outsiders Inn In Oquawka. I better get Birthday HUGS!!!! :P