23rd Birthday @ Sherry’s


So my birthday Friday really didn’t turn out half bad. Partied @ Sherry’s in Oquawka with Rock Steady. Surrounded by good friends. Kayla had a beehive hair do which was gorgeous tho. Graham was fairly detached as normal. Amanda was a guest bartender. Lisa, Jenna and Angelina were being crazy as always! lol Anyway LONG story short, I got covered in my cake :P and I do mean COVERED. Cake to the FACE!!!! even got scott’s beard :P Planet Bob, Jenna and I went to sams. I went and partied with Adam G. Yesterday I slept the day away. And today I get a call from Kayla. Her and John finally hooked uP! Woot! Hope it lasts. I’ve had 2 1/2 hours of sleep and Im wait on Pepsi guy and the boys to get here to head to the Cold Concert.

My life is so eventful :)