In Good Spirits :)


Well, I’m still hacking up my lungs, but for the most part I remain in good spirits. Yesterday I got to get out of the house for a little bit. Terry from Toolagy took me to that Mexican restaurant across from the Hojo where I work. The food was excellent. I was so full, speaking of that I have left overs in my fridge i should go eat. *giggles*

I had therapy at 4 yesterday and it was very productive. I’m supposed to repeat affirmation truths to myself while meditating three times a day. Statistics show it helps with stress. But he did agree with me that my thoughts of taking a vacation were sound. So the plan is at the end of the summer I’ll be taking off again for South Carolina. Most likely right after Old Threshers cause I promised Patrick I’d do that with him this year. *yay* I think Francious would enjoy that too. (hehe I think that was a jump for joy in ferret speak). Gotta get the car fixed and the lawyers paid off by then. So i’m crossing my fingers cause I could really use this. The courts, and the cops, and the lawyers, and my friend in jail, its all getting to me. I’d tried to remain really strong and positive but a little girl can only handle so much. My therapist says that stress can make you physically sick which is a huge possiblity of why i’m sick now… Funny thing when I think about it, I started feeling this way (sick) right after the whole drama thing went down. eating me alive from the inside out.

But its nice when people online comment, sending their positive regards and uplifting comments of encouragement.

Therapy has definitely kept me going above all things. My therapist is the BEST. He is so … real. and hes not judgmental, but he isn’t all by the book dr speak either.

But I think that South Carolina will be a good place for me to rediscover myself and recoup back to my old self again… only hard part. How do I explain that to the band?   Feedback is welcomed *smiles*