Confused By Society


So… I’m still confused about society. Who actually cares, who doesn’t, and what am I actually supposed to pay attention too? At my age I have so many people coming at me from different directions I don’t know what to even focus on anymore.

My friend Kayla invited me out tonight. She was telling me all about her great news about the Native American government willing to help her out. At the same Time I show her my left over debt for my lawyers which I’ve been paying off for awhile now. Actually I showed it to several people. 700.00 Dollars left. YAY! How awesome. Such progress from where I began. Does anyone care… Nope. no one can. All Kayla can think about is how broke I’ve been and that she’s bought all my drinks and food. which is true*sigh* i’m the worst friend ever. thinking of how to make it up to her someday???? Ideas? God I love her. how do You show your best friend you love them?

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