IGN sucks @ Reviews


I disagree on many levels. The soundtrack to the movie was very much to be desired taking classic sounds and giving them a rock/techno twist, which i’ve downlowned and listen to constantly. The graphics are yes amazing but it was actually the story line that kept me intridged. Apparently people from IGN are small minded and feel the need to have everything spelled out for them. The three different levels of reality was actually my favorite part showing the different sides to women. The reality with the mental hospital showing the devistation that she is having to endure. Whilst living in her head The brothel showing she dwelled into a realm to make the best out of the situation and fighting for what is deserved, then the fighting to show the strength that women really are capable of. I felt the women really dug into their roles as the girls, then coming out later to watch them work as a team and woop butt was definately inspiring. In all honesty there are not many action movies that I feel can reach out to the younger girl group, but this definitely made me want to learn to pick up a gun. Break out the halo baby.

I do agree on the russian accent tho. And I wish the didnt remove the Highrollers seduction scene, I felt it left much more to be understood when he wondered why she looked at him that way.