Doing Rough. Advice Welcome


I can’t say that I’m in the best of positions right now. Fighting really hard to keep my head a float. The Deposition with Tyler went well. It was wonderful to get to see him. It was a great comfort to see him smile at me from time to time. I just hope with all my heart he doesn’t resent me. Kip has contacted me again. Received the random, middle of the night “I still Love You” post. So that’s being hard to live down. After talking to my therapist its certain that I just need to be alone for a while and cope with everything I’ve been through lately. I need to learn not to rush into the next relationship. I need to be alone and work on discovering who “Mina Kaye” is. Not what everyone wants me to be. Now how to relate this to certain important people in my life and hope that they will understand. On another down note: Received a phone call Tuesday from my band Bombshell. The phone call consisted of what I will assume was the boys in the background and Scott informing me tha though I’m leaving soon, they want to go ahead and go four piece without me. Which in all reality is the largest slap to the face I’ve ever received. I feel entirely betrayed. I’ve devoted three years of my life to this band. I considered them family. With them basically kicking me out of the band prior to be moving, leaves me without the finances to get there or pay on my lawyers. I’ve had the option to leave them and go full-time with Rock Steady but decided to remain loyal. If I had just moved on this wouldn’t be a problem. When I left Bombshell the first time, I located my replacement and I trained her. This time I gave them four months notice, so that they could prepare for when I left. I never dumped them to the curb as they have now done to me. I feel betrayed and heartbroken. This relationship lasted longer than any of my boyfriends. I was loyal. I was devoted. And I was treated disrespectfully and thrown aside. Not sure how to handle this situation.