Winter Park


Five days thus far in Winter park and I can honestly say I’m happy. Life has paced down a lot, and I find myself restless or a little bored feeling from time to time, but then, Andrew steps up to the plate and puts the world right again. Yesterday was my first entire day without smoking. This was not an easy feat and is still driving me haywire. The pain in my chest is consistently annoying, then Andrew got me ice-cream to help me forget the pain. And it worked :p  I will admit that I’ve gotten lonely from time to time. I find myself longing for Kayla or Lindy, my girlfriends back home. Someone to giggle with and share all that has happened thus far on the adventure. But my girls are at home, and not with me, so they can’t relate without being here. They are busy now without me. Makes me miss them more. I hope I can find some friends here. They weren’t kidding when they sad there were not many girls at this school. Apparently the joke is “Full Male” University. The school in itself is insane! State of the art. You have to have key passes on your ID to even get in the door. The design is modern high ceilings and fancy lighting. The floors are never consistent and remind me of Moto’s Cafe in downtown Burlington, IA. It’s an atmosphere you WANT to be in.

Mostly i’ve spent my time cooking. I’ll walk Andrew to class and when he gets home i’ll have supper ready to eat and we’ll watch a movie or talk for hours. We talk so much and never cease to run out of things to say. He really is my best friend. How could I ask for more than that?

I’m not sure how I got this lucky. He doesn’t hold back and tells me everything on his mind. He’s a very sentimental sort which as am I so that meshes well too. We compliment each other in so many ways. Like Yin and Yang, where one fails the other comes thru. He says its been easier with me here. I’ve been taking care of things like the cooking, dishes, laundry, cleaning (Since i’ve been restless anyway. It gives me purpose) or remembering things as he’s running out the door. Gives him more time to concentrate on the things he needs too, although several times I’ve had to set him down and be like “HOMEWORK”. :P We just have too much fun together its easy to get distracted.

The other night we went to the gym. Cardio definitely kicked the crap out of my lungs (The smoker that I am) but I went till I was light-headed and am very proud of myself. Barbelled some weights and I’m sore in places I forgot about :P as well as showing me some Thai Boxing for self-defense.

All and All, I’m happy and stress free. I’m surprised i’ve live the entirety of my life stressed out and challenged. How did I live like that? I actually have time for me now, and I don’t forget to brush my teeth or shower since I’ve been here. That is a good sign :P

Content is a good word. Something I’ve been looking for my whole life…