Determined @ Winegard


So I just got home from my first real day at Winegard. My hands are cut and bruised only proving to myself i’ve never worked a day of real work my whole life. My body aches and all i could do was collapse in the nearest chair. I walked in there not sure if I was tough enough to handle working in a factory, and apparently I’m not quite there yet. I lasted till almost the end when my hands started to hurt causing myself to fall behind and became overwhelmed and Panicked. “I not okay!” I screamed hysterically. But one of the bosses I had met earlier joking about breathing to calm myself down came over and said “Woozahhh”. After calming down and catching up, I was worried and asked if I was in trouble. They said NOT at all! In fact I did a good job keeping up and with minimal help. I left feeling a sense of pride. I’ve accomplished something, not sure what, but I feel as though I’ve proven something to myself. — feeling determined.

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