To exhausted to think straight. . .please use small words. Pictures help.


WooooO! I’m pooped! Productive day though. Could NOT fall asleep last night for the life of me, so i’ve pull an all nighter and hope I don’t pass out before a decent hour. In total Kayla and i walked 4.1 miles today and that includes the giant hill up main, in the heat, while carrying purchased items. Not too shabby for a fat and lazy short shit. Kayla brought be over a shirt around ten for my interview at Hy Vee which went VERY well I might add. The woman was super friendly and is contacting me monday to set up a day to speak with the gentleman who will officially hire me. But she said I was full of smiles and that’s what they like to see. I’d be working in produce, part-time, day shift. Hells yes. I like the sound of that. But anywhere they put me I’ll be grateful as long as it isn’t Winegard and they don’t make me take out my tongue piercing. Then we walked past the old alternative school where Kayla and I raised so much hell :P, on down to Napoli‘s where Kayla bought lunch. I had the submarine sandwich with extra extra extra black olives. I was pretty happy. Kayla wanted to swing by Hopefully Yours again, where I ended up finding knives for DIRT CHEAP, and I was just thinking “hey, I need one of these at Knights house”, so I picked out two different ones, spending a total of a dollar fifty, (damn I go big :p) and hopefully at least one of them will turn out to be of decent quality. If not no biggie. Sure broke the bank getting them…*ha* Then down to Circle K to pick up an app and smokes, then we were going to go to Kelly’s and then the Buffalo but they were both dead. So we parted ways and I drug my ass the rest of the way home. Exhausted. So I think I’ll use whatever energy I have left to invest some time in a shower and sit my ASS down with this freaking power book I keep SWEARING i’m gonna read and then never Effin‘ get to it. I’m so damn easily distracted its retarded.

As for yesterday, I Cat Sat moms little turdshit, and awaited the arrival of my Darling sister Deseree. She graduated and now is living here in town with me. I officially have everyone I have ever thought dear to my heart all in one place. Making me realize I can’t go to Austin now. Not when everything I hold dear is so close together. I have to find a way to make music work in Iowa. A bigger city perhaps, just not sure how to go about this. Really hoping I can make something happen with the cabaret stuff with the new owners of the Tama building. They mentioned having me do a piano bar, and perhaps even weddings. I’m ready to make this happen!

Forget Prince Charming, He’s Lazy. Wait for your Knight in Shining Armor who will fight for you.

Yay! I’m back on my blogging kick again. Every time I stop writing in my blog is not a good sign. Means my head is scatter brained and I can’t focus. But currently, that is not the case and I am in a great place with a clear head.
Long story short, I’ve met a man. No ordinary man. A Knight. No, really, his name is Knight. *giggles* Make all the puns you want, but I love that we both have unique names. I met him on my quarter of a century birthday. We had spoken prior online, but this time was actually in person. I arrived early having just eaten dinner with my uncle Patrick. Reserved our table, and waited for my other guests to arrive. I had seen his pictures over the internet, but compared to in person, they really didn’t do him justice. I didn’t think I was nervous about meeting the man, but as soon as I saw him come around corner my heart began to pound. My adrenaline started rushing; forcing my stomach into a knot. First instinct, from across the room, and I liked him. Looking back he really did appear as a Lion. Suave and confidant, graceful yet fierce. Not sure if bit my lip or not, but I am reminiscing about it. I kept my cool as best I could, attempting to be as casual as possible. Not sure how well I succeeded at this feat. Everyone important to me was basically there. Lindy, Kayla, and even Bradley. I tried to spend as much time with my friends as possible since it is a rare thing for all of us to be together at once. Brad, Zach, And Steven got me pretty toasted with shots, and even Pepsi guy and Hobbin’s and the girls stopped out. I was very surprised by the amount of friends I had attend. The best part of the evening was my birthday cake. Kayla purchased it and even had the bar sing me happy birthday. I beamed happily as I blew out my candle making the same wish I have made ever since I can remember. “I wish to always be happy”. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing specific. It doesn’t matter, as long as I can smile and be grateful. I must admit it was better than being paddled on my 21st. Brad helped me cut the cake and I made sure Knight and Marcus each were included with a piece. Afterwards my evening starts to fade in and out from intoxication. I recall Blaze showing up and us spitting ice at each other, or the horrific yet hilarious lap dances I received from most the bar, but I also recall Knight and I singing our first song together. Disney no less. Aladdin’s a Whole New World. Somehow, looking back, it seems fitting as every experience I’ve had with him has seemed like an adventure.
I was sad to see him leave. But it did finally fuel my final straw to end whatever you would call was going on between Hobbin’s and I. Super nice guy, but just really wasn’t my type. So drunken’ Mina ended it on her birthday. He took it well. Best birthday I’ve had in years.
Several weeks later, Knight visited me in Burlington again, only this time on an actual date. My heart was pounding when he showed up looking stunning in a purple button up and black embroidered vest. I was scared of the awkwardness that could occur but he broke it nearly immediately and on the way to dinner we were ranting about Lets Plays and mine craft. *giggles* He had this down to earth geek to him that I find simply charming. We enjoyed conversation over Carlos O Kelly’s and apparently awkward stares of wonderment on what the other was thinking. Then enjoyed drinks at Coyotes, but to my amazement is the feeling I get when I listen to him sing. His voice isn’t brash or overdone like most people employ. Instead, its smooth and lush and above all “on key”, causing me to melt in my place. The night ended being dropped off at Sam’s. Left with his compassionate kisses that I would be forced to fantasize about the following three weeks till I saw him again. At that moment I knew for sure and I was hooked. Line and Sinker. Not only by chemistry but with an ignition of lust I have long time longed for.
For weeks I stewed. My mind racing with wonderment to the point of infatuation. I was stir crazy. I couldn’t wait to see him again. Leaving me messages that stirred my passions. “Being excited for our weekend. Probably the first time i’ve been excited to spend more than a few hours with someone in months.” He picked me up on a thursday. Himself casual and suave as always. I lost control. I pounced him that very evening. This apparently becomes a reoccurring trend in my behavior. I can not keep my hands off this man!! That weekend consisted of many firsts for me. From amazing foods, to my new found appreciation of Pro Wrestling. I even made some friends with the girls Brook and Nikki Whom then invited me back to stay with them the following weekend! Yay! I made Girlfriends!
So the next weekend Knight comes down to Burlington. I give him the bottle of vodka, a New copy of his book the 48 laws of power because I somehow managed to bust up his old one in two, then lost the second half, And I gave him a new George Forman grill which I found on sale. I know total creeper moment, but when somethings are on sale and its in your size you gotta buy it. SO, i did. And it got used! Anywho, picked up some beer then we met up with Jake and Whitney at Coyotes, sang a song, owned, then left for Lindy’s bonfire. Jake seemed to really get along with Knight and he has been so encouraging of it hopefully working out. Got super wasted at the party and Knight even drank so much he got sickly. Aww :( so i put him to bed in Draken’s room and cuddled up to him later on and crashed. The next morning it was raining, so I danced in it as usual. Lost my new spoon ring at some point but Lindy found it. Had some guy the night before in a fedora hat try to get me to sleep with him, told Lindy about it and she was like “WTF, it was my party! He should have at least asked me so I could have turned him down!” rofl. Wow. I love my friends. Knight said that Lindy was very quotable. Its true :).
So The girls’ house didn’t pan out quite like I had hoped and Knight had to come to my rescue. Ha… I just realized what I wrote. Damn Knights saving the day and shitz. Even though I was going to stay warm and cuddling next to Knight saturday, Brooke guilted me into coming over, which I really regret doing. It was a ton of drunken’ drama that included much trash talk, a violent fight between Brooke and The Shug, and Marcus going down on some chick right next to me who ended up venting to me about her love problems till about 6 in the morning. I was, shall you say, traumatized.  But I pulled an all nighter and started drinking. By the time Knight returned from work I was already fairly hammered, but the day was more tolerable in that condition. Marcus made it fun for me by even showing me wrestling moves. But I think I’ll leave that to awesomeness of the Knight. I just could not feel safe in a bubble at that house. Not sure what I was thinking that it was a good idea. But in the end I was able to stay with Knight the rest of my visit and he even had me stick around a couple extra days. Six days of bliss in the arms of a handsome man. I get butterflies just thinking about it.
Above all things I think I was fond of our time spent together in the kitchen.  The man loves food as much as I do! And we partnered very well together while cooking. To me that was kind of a deal breaker. It worked out better than I had intended. I can’t help but admire him from across the room. The burgers we made where THE BOMB DiGGity! Fucking Fantastic! Man knows his food and apparently he liked my cooking as well. *smiles happily*.
I helped clean his house while he was away at work. I feel bad I fucked up the vacuüm. Can’t seem to let that one down in my head. But it made me feel like I had purpose again, like I did in Orlando.  Apparently I have this thing about longing to feel needed and plenty of reassurance. The best moment was while I was washing dishes and outside the window I swore I saw something, and I pause and look out the window and then next he’s jumping up and down and I yelped in surprise. He got me good. Three times at least that weekend! I can’t help but smile thinking about it. My level of happiness when I’m with him astounds me. I’m always smiling. I can’t recall a single man I’ve been involved with to manage it so consistently. I’m already too far reeled in that no matter what, it will hurt badly when this ends. He’s made it very clear about his priorities, so I have to keep reminding myself to just enjoy the time I get to have with him. “Relish in the moment” as Jake puts it. Although, I was given a spark of hope.
  • Mina Kaye 

    So i was thinking of just washing my jacket cause it still smells like winegard. Is that cool?

  • Knight 

    Sure is. If you need to fill the washer, we should probably throw in towels.

  • Mina Kaye 

    Can definitely do!



    You’re putting me in quite a pickle, Mina Kaye. I have to think long and hard about what I’m going to want out of my life and how big a part you’ll play.

  • Can’t talk much about it now, obviously but I’m letting you know it’s on my mind.

    I’ve become a romantic throughout this experience. Yes, the “Can’t be tied down Mina Kaye” has been swept off her feet. The “flavor of the month” has been scratched from my mind and instead I find myself yearning for the affection of this one man. I bore at the attention from others and think callously that none can compare. I speak too often about him. Knight this, Knight that. Except for Jake, im quite sure my friends grow weary of my infatuation. I miss petting his chest, or just listening to him speak about nothing in particular. *sigh* I’ve got it bad. Perhaps its the realist in me protecting my delicate heart, but I can’t help but think how this could end well for me. Yet, then again, perhaps I should simply be glad to have managed to feel this amount of passion.