Cap ou pas cap? Are you game or not?


cap ou pas cap

So somehow, not even intentionally I have managed to play “hard to get.” After taking off rather abruptly friday evening, Tristan has blown my phone up nearly nonstop. So sunday afternoon after walking home from HyVee, Neal saw me walking and offered to drop my off at home, not that I wasn’t already only a block from home, but I got to chat him up for a minute and we made plans to hang out at karaoke that night. Jake and his new lady Keri met up with us at Roederer’s and when Tristan got off work he was paging my phone nearly immediately wanting to know what I was doing. I told him and he said he was coming out. Now the problem that I didn’t realize was that this day, the 23rd of June, holds significance to the both of us. Not only was it his birthday (which I had forgotten about) It was also our anniversary day when we met and hooked up all so many years ago. Fuck, what did I get myself into. I said I’d party with him after to celebrate. Since I had no money to by him birthday shots I sang him “Radar Love” by Golden Earring. We used to always text it was on the radio. I thought he may find it amusing, but I didn’t intend for him to take it so personally to heart. He stood right in front beaming. Jake and Keri left (He had to work in the morning) and Neal, Tristan, and I made our way to The buffalo to finish out the night. I was damn toasted by the time we left, but proceeded to go with Tristan. After a walk to HyVee for some Pizza’s, the rest of the night was spent discussing his traumatic ending with Ash and the bullshit tattoo crap she pulled saying it was a stitches tattoo but in reality was a branding of some guys signature that she left Tristan for. Depressing really. Always disliked that wrench. None the less Tristan got sentimental on me and I basically had to express my detachment. After the pain he put me through all those years ago, I don’t think I could ever put faith in him again to that level. He is my friend, but I will never fully trust that man, and I’ll hate myself if I ever decided too. After some drunkin’ ranting on my end I passed out on the couch apparently saying something about “Don’t eat the brown M&M’s.” Then again today he was blowing me up. 127 messages over the span of two days. It completely filled my inbox. Ugh…. And then, OH WAIT, this really irked me. Decided to bring up my favorite movie and use it against me. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” he texted. I looked at it like, “WTF kind of question is this?” “Perhaps” I responded. “Naive” was his answer. My eyes went huge and I knew exactly what he was referring too. “Game?” He asked. And though I’m always game, his request I refused. He wanted me to come over and watch movies. I said I had to help babysit in the morning. Ha, I wouldn’t be caught dead babysitting. But you don’t pull out my favorite movie and use it against me like that. We blew off the rest of the conversation with him saying he wanted to give me my first tattoo. I do trust him with that task. He is a terrific artist. Funny thing was he had the same idea I had. “Serendipity” Just as a word, or maybe written as a definition. I’m slightly baffled by the amounts of detail he is pulling out on me. The amount he remembers is fucking with my head and I think I need to just walk away completely.

I’m just trying to be friends and normally can handle any guy just flirting with me, but this guy was once in my head and is trying to get back in it. As flattered by every detail he’s able to recall, my heart is elsewhere and it’s just starting to plain piss me off. The romance of it all is eating at me. Why can’t men make this sort of effort before it becomes unwelcome?

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