Let Me Love You


Bliss, a state of euphoria, yet with a relentless lingering of anticipation withdrawing only to leave me left wanting. Wanting for fulfillment that never gets quenched like a drop of water upon a tongue in a parched and desolate desert. This passion no longer resides in my loins but as a pit in my stomach yearning, begging, pleading to be indulged. Take mercy on my heart and don’t let it suffer so. He must realize?! The anticipation too great! I must profess my feelings loud for the world to know!! For if I don’t, I fear this passion building up inside me will consume me and drive me madd from frustration.

“Let me love you. Let me show that I do. If you lend me your ear, I’ll make it clear the way that I do.
Let me whisper it. Let me sigh it. Let me sing it, my dear Or I will cry it!!”

I wish to show you the world from my point of view and I long to see the world through yours. Put on these rose colored glasses and you’ll understand how I fathom your charms. Your arms that engulf me like a fortifide safety net whose ropes will never split. Your gaze, how it pierced straight through me, knowing all my encoded mysteries. A voice that calms me like a warm wind on a spring day in April. Accept my hand I offer out and flee elsewhere with me, I’m ready to jump and dive from that cliff. Headstrong and forceful I need you to be. I can’t stand to linger anymore and I lack the courage to speak my wills any further. I sigh in despair each passing time you are striped from my presence. If only you were mine to keep, I’d never let you leave my grasp and keep you engulfed inside my loving clutches. But these feelings somehow feel wasted as I feel i’m always left wondering “Will you ever need and hunger for me the way I long for you?”. Help me Darling. I’m drowning with immense agony. Doesn’t he know he’s been playing with fire? For I am a flame and I’m filled with desire. But I need a long, deep exhale, or I might find something to burn.


Frustrated Lust


Conversations with a loyal canine clears the dust clouds you stirred up from sprinting around my head. I smoke myself to sleep. She knows she has to stop thinking to hard, for its taring her apart, starting with the most valuable of organs. Deep hollow breaths do nothing to slow the blood.

Stop asking stupid questions you idiot, how do you expect to continue bliss if you doubt its presence. Discriminating your feelings is stupid so perhaps, maybe, stop it? Ha you’re a joke, at least he laughs at you. You foolishly speed to your new home up top the structure that guards the moment that your heart sunk in. Anxiety in these hands frustrates my dry lips. I love my voice, the one on paper though, so please shut the hell up. Eat my dream and mold me a new one. I have so much to say but this unnecessary fear has a firm grip on my shoulders.Confusions of chapters disappear, for I fear I’m simply an anecdote; we’ll see in one days time. The confirmation of possibility brings a hesitant smile to this tired face. I’m not creative tonight. Doc, my sense is on the fritz again, the usual? Thought so. Shut your eyes and don’t stop trusting, for I am not a gamble, you can count on me to wait. Worse case scenario, I get that one night only. I’ll be happy none the less… Empty, but happy. To be dearest is breaking my back. Don’t heal me, just let me learn. I’ll reassure you daily, just don’t turn away. Don’t end the heat, it’s my new necessity.

Shut the fuck up. Kay.