13 July, 2013





“I do want to get married. It’s a nice idea. Though I think husbands are like tattoos–you should wait until you come across something you want on your body for the rest of your life instead of just wandering into a tattoo parlor on some idle Sunday and saying, ‘I feel like I should have one of these suckers by now. I’ll take a thorny rose and a “MOM” anchor, please. No, not that one–the big one.”
― Sloane Crosley





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He was tall, dark and handsome


He was tall, dark and handsome.

And we were running from the people who wanted to break us up… Such a weird thing to be chasing someone for…Such a weird thing to want to interfere with two people who connect so well…

But we have to run. We have to protect this. This is precious to me, HE is precious to me.

We’re running on the building’s hallway, from room to room, in hope we would find a place to catch our breath and some time for us…just us…just to be together.

But every time we think we’re safe, we hear footsteps getting closer. Someone is catching up with us. They’re close, too close!

We run again, and I’m trying to keep up with him. But he’s holding my hand, and I know that as long as his hand touches mine, I’m safe. I trust him with my life.

We find a room where the door is open. We enter and lock it behind us. It’s only a matter of minutes until we’ll have to run again. But I look at him and he knows. He knows that I wish this wasn’t happening. He knows that I want to stay with him, that I want him, then and there. And I know he’s thinking the same things.

“Come” he says, while he leads me by the hand to the balcony. “The fire escape stairs”, and I nod.

We’re up high, and the stairs look a little bit rusty, but this is our best chance. We can’t keep running in circles in the building, we need to get out. If we stay any longer one of them is going to find us and that’ll be it for us.

He goes out onto the stairs, first, and raises his hand up to me. I grab it and I let myself follow him.

We have to be quiet. The stairs are old metal and a wrong step would cause a ruckus.

We go down, step by step, while he’s still holding my hand.

Why can’t they just let us be? Is it so much to ask to just be left alone with this wonderful man? Why can’t we just be happy together?

We reach the last step. I can’t believe we climbed down 6 stories, and I wasn’t even afraid of the height! It’s him… he makes me stronger. I’m actually surprised how calm I am, considering the whole run and hide situation.

We start running again, somewhere, I don’t know where. I don’t know this city, I don’t think he has any idea where we’re heading either. But we mustn’t stop. Not until we’re safe.

It was such a weird day today… all this commotion…

We eventually stop. We catch our breath, facing one another, not saying a word.

He grabs my hand and pulls me closer to him. We’re finally alone, and I’m looking into his deep black eyes, mesmerized.

“I love you” he says. And I block…I don’t understand it. How come he loves me?

“Why?!” I reply, and I know I can’t hide the sadness in my eyes.

He looks at me with sympathy… It’s as if he understands the reasons behind my question. “I love you. There doesn’t have to be a reason for it…I just do” and the right corner of his lips arch a smile.

I don’t know what I feel…I haven’t thought about this until now… I want to say it back, but is it wise? How many “I love yous” am I gonna have to risk saying?

But I want to say it back.

And I wake up.

I haven’t remembered my dreams in a long time, and while I have dreamt of adventures, guys,sex or other weird things, I’ve never dreamt of someone telling me he loves me…

It wasn’t real, but it was nice feeling loved even if for a couple of minutes, even if in a dream.

I can’t put a name to him, I can’t even remember his face…just that he was tall, dark and handsome, and he loved me.