Waterpark Rehearsals?


Interesting week its been. Sunday I worked, went and jammed with Shane Weaver whom I’m putting an acoustic thing together with, Then I went to Open Mic Night with my brother, where we bailed early due to noise levels, only to be swept into worst territory with the worst karaoke music you’ve ever heard. The slowest, saddest, country songs that made me want to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger, luckily Jake made it fun with a game of drinking when the golf guy touches his hat (who showed up randomly with the gf *opp, third wheel am I again.*) and hadn’t even bothered to call and ask if I wanted to go. But supposedly he “assumed” I was gonna be there. Sure… Bailed with my brother and his married friends and hung in Lindy’s garage chatting till about 4 in the morning. Seth was asking me a lot of questions about Knight, how I felt about him, and If I thought I was going to stay here instead of take off to Austin like I had originally planned.

Then Monday I had Kayla guilt trip me and drug me hung over to the water park (Fun city) Which I’ve never been to one before, If I have I was too young to remember. I was also to scared to ride the waterside, so I basically stuck to the lazy river. She ditched early to go pick up her cat from the vet and I stayed behind with Lindy and Kevin. Kevin gave me a lift home and I mentioned about wanting to move to Davenport. He says he likes living there and he’s glad he moved out of Burlington.

Tuesday I stayed home with the family. Nothing really exciting, but was productive. Did laundry, showered, attempted to put together the cabaret set list on with the pianist Richard Webb who’s going to play for me at the Bart Howard room if all goes well. I’m still having difficulty choosing songs though.  I’m meeting him Wednesday at the St Paul United Church on Ramsey & Mt Pleasant st in West Burlington at 7pm to go over songs and see what we can come up with.

As for today, I had to wake up an hour early to get a ride to work from Wendy. And was work ever a cluster fuck. I almost had an anxiety attack. So on my lunch break I called Dr Bair, and I set up an appointment with him tomorrow at 2pm.  I think there are some things I need to get off my chest about the past two years or so. And now that i’m working I can afford to go to him again. I truly feel I need the guidance.

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