Dance With Me To End Of Love


My heart no longer belongs to me. I have given it away. If man is on the earth, then I am somewhere on cloud nine. A king will fill his queen with riches,  and A Knight would conquer the world in his attempt to profess his love to his Lady. For he is both, and I have no question that he would deny me either. From pet names to sweet nothings, he has refused me neither.  “I think I’m finding my passionate voice finally.” He says. “You’re a natural” I reply.

Knight: You’re the one I want.
Mina: And you have No idea how much I love hearing that
Knight: You treat me like a king and have shown no signs of slowing.
Mina: You are my king. You Are my everything.
Knight: And I can think of nobody I’d rather have around and eat El Taco Casa with.
Mina: *smiles sweetly*
Knight: Thank you for being you. I feel better knowing you trust me so much. It puts me at ease knowing some one has faith in me.
Mina: I don’t understand how I’ve done that for you?
Knight: You have yet to argue anything I say or do. Maybe voice worries but in the end, you have trusted my decisions.
Mina: Which ones stand out in your mind?
Knight: This right here is a great example. But all the food choices, the openness of our relationship, the time I told you after. You’ve been nothing but supportive and enthusiastic of my dreams and ambitions. Maybe puppy love, who knows? But it’s been long lasting and infatuating. And I’m going  to take you as far as it can possibly go. Hopefully to the very end.

Strange how a fit of honest jealousy and fear over an ex could lead to such levels of professed adoration.  As deep as my insecurities may lay, he has a abundance of patience and tolerance that I can’t express the amounts of gratitude I feel. He said he didn’t know how to be romantic. If this is only the beginning expressions of his fondness , than I see lavish amounts of passion to be shared. He is opening up to me, and I only want to cling closer and tighter. I relish in everything that he is. He is kind to me and tender, showing sweet consideration in everything I need from him. He is proud and passionate about things he is invested in. I only hope he shows as much emotion when my name crosses his lips when I’m not in his presence. His confidence and large presence has such intensity. The manly man. A quality I have never yet admired, but his execution is powerful and strong; like his arms I feel so safe inside. He is so many things I admire. If he can be the romantic I’ve always needed than I shall never need to stray his loving gaze. Above all I feel accepted for who I am, and not judged, but loved for it; Unconditionally. I ceaselessly concluded that it should never be excessively challenging to love someone, But I never envisioned that it could ever be so effortless; As though I’ve been waiting my entire life to feel this complete.

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