Romance Rains Down From Venus

A Place in the Universe

A Place in the Universe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Kimberly,
Romantic Venus grabs the limelight this week, with the planet of love making its presence known on both September 11 and September 14!After enjoying a social, elegant stint in Libra, this charming planet moves into seductive Scorpio on September 11 for nearly one full month of deep emotions and secret encounters. Passion and love will run deep, but darker feelings like jealousy and possessiveness may also rear their ugly heads. Passion is fun, but trust is key to romantic success.

Then, on September 14, Venus pairs with Neptune for a day of dreamy, fairy tale romance. Admittedly, some of the fairy tale parts may be more imagined than real, but as long as you recognize that your imagination is in overdrive, you’ll be able to enjoy the day just as much as if everything were real.

But first, there’s still more cosmic activity on September 14. On this action-packed day, Mercury squares off against Pluto, while Mars and Uranus partner with one another. The first contact will result in intense, stubborn discussions, during which nobody’s opinions will budge. Fortunately, Mars and Uranus will add a lively spark of adventure that will allow your best ideas to take flight. Since no one will want to compromise or cooperate, you’ll have to take action on your own … but this simply means you’ll get to have the positive results all to yourself!