For I am His.


Not much really going on. I spent the past two days relaxing mostly. Tomorrow is back to work. Only twelve more days and I am all his. He is my world and I can not wait to breathe him in. To cling to every word and melt in his embrace. How long has it been since I’ve seen the romantic side of myself before he came across my path? Months? Much Longer. Years? At least. He had me from across the room. Love at first sight. Knowing myself well enough, he could have me forever if he chooses. I’ve opened my heart fully, and passion bleeds from me like a raging river uncontrollably. I can’t help it. I have the hardest time holding it back. Attempting not to be overwhelming, even though the feelings overwhelm me to the point of frustration, but I fear they may be too much for him as they are certainly almost overpowering for me. How can I express the extent of my emotions? Sometimes when I look at him, I nearly want to cry and tremble because I can barely hold it all in. My thoughts racing, my admiration enthralled. To me he is perfect in so many ways. From the strength that he displays in his posture, the deepness of his eyes like a universe and mine are stars that reflect inside them when I manage to catch his gaze, the wit of his tongue and the cleverness behind his logical thoughts, to the warmth of his arms; my ultimate safe place. I ache for his presence every moment of everyday. He gives me a sense of completeness I have searched for since the moment I began to breathe. I know I will spend the rest of my life attempting to put my affections into words.

Put you head to my heart. Hear the beating of my burning desire flow around my body. Close your mouth around mine, taste all I am. Feel my heat, my fire, light up inside me as you come closer. See the pure, raw love I hold for you. And let us burn together. Forever. We can already see each others flames flicker in exctasy, together, as they will always. Forever.
by Arphendess Estelwen

The Way He Makes Me Feel

There’s no chill and yet I shiver
There’s no flame and yet I burn
I’m not sure what I’m afraid of
And yet I’m trembling

There’s no storm yet I hear thunder
And I’m breathless why I wonder
Weak one moment
Then the next I’m fine

I feel as if I’m falling every time I close my eyes
And flowing through my body is a river of surprise
Feelings are awakening
I hardly recognize as mine

What are all these new sensations?
What’s the secret they reveal?
I’m not sure I understand
But I like the way I feel

Oh why?
Why is it that every time I close my eyes he’s there?
The water shining on his skin the sunlight in his hair
And all the while I’m thinking things
That I can’t wait to share with him

I’m a bundle of confusion
Yet it has a strange appeal
Did it all begin with him
And the way he makes me feel?

I like the way he makes me feel.

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