The Sun Moves into Harmonious Libra


Libra Symbol

Libra Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On September 21, the Sun moves out of hard-working Virgo and into loving, fair-minded Libra. Libra is considered the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac — not because it’s particularly passionate, but because it’s so socially intuitive. With Libra at the helm, you and your partner are far more likely to concern yourselves with each other’s well-being, with the result being that you end up happier — and more in love!


Of course, Libra isn’t just about love. You can also expect the next four weeks to be filled with elegance, balance, and sound judgments, though your attempts to be fair at all costs could lead to indecision.


Unfortunately, September 21 isn’t entirely about peace and love as two heavyweight planets, Saturn and Pluto, meet for a somber day of hardship and struggle. Keep in mind, though, that the challenges you face will provide tangible results in the near future.


Pluto also turns direct on September 21, which will clear out certain obstacles in the coming months. Still, the end of Pluto’s retrograde will create a very subtle effect — so subtle that you may not notice its benefits for quite some time.


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