Problems Arise, but You’ll Solve Anything


Why deal with problems when you can simply ignore them and pretend they don’t exist? September 26 will be just the kind of day to let ignorant bliss take over, as Venus and Jupiter get together and encourage you to focus on the sunny side of life. Good times, happy feelings, and a bit of overindulgence will be the norm as issues get pushed aside for another day.

Just be sure to enjoy it while it lasts, because by September 28, romantic dilemmas will start to override this happy-go-lucky attitude as Venus squares off against Mars. Yes, passion will reign, but so could insensitivity as you walk a delicate line between Venus’ pacifying tendencies and Mars’ aggressiveness.

On the next day, September 29, Mercury moves into Scorpio for a long stay that will last until early December. For the next two-plus months, your conversations will trend toward intense and emotional. Answers won’t come easily as you mull over problems in great depth and detail; you’ll be looking for solutions that are sure to stick. A newfound urge to get the last word in will also make life more tense.

Finally, as the month comes to a close, you’ll start to feel some of the disruptive effects of the Sun-Pluto-Uranus transit that’s set to occur in the early days of October.

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