Let Pluto and Uranus Lead You to Your Destiny


With Mercury now in Scorpio, you’re probably feeling more curious, stubborn, and obsessive than usual. On October 1, though, you’ll have a chance to show your softer side as Mercury and Neptune join in a dreamy alignment that will allow you to express every bit of your sympathy, empathy, and admiration. Instead of focusing on tangibles, let your intuition be your guide! Just be sure to take full advantage of Mercury and Neptune while you can, because Pluto and Uranus have been building up strength over the past few days.

On October 2, the Sun squares off against Pluto in a battle of sheer will. Pluto’s influence will leave you feeling as if you’re trying to push a boulder uphill, and it’ll seem like everything important to you is simply stuck in one place. Then on the following day, October 3, your world will go crashing in the opposite direction as the Sun lights up Uranus, sending change and upheaval your way.

If this pattern feels familiar, that’s because you’ve already had to deal with Pluto and Uranus quite a few times over the last year. What’s more, these two planets will continue to create off-and-on challenges for a while longer. The important thing to remember is that, difficult though this time may be, it’s all for your benefit in the long run!

Pluto and Uranus want to change your destiny, and if you choose to work with them, your life could really turn around.