Does Venus in Sagittarius Mean This is the One?


With Venus in Sagittarius right now, ensuring your partner is also your best friend couldn’t be more important. But is it sometimes hard to tell how well you two match up?

Venus pairs up with Neptune on October 10 for a day of dreamy romance and lovely fantasies. Most of the adventures you plan won’t materialize, but you’ll have too much fun daydreaming about them to care. Sometimes it’s just as entertaining to let your imagination run wild and dream of what could be!

Two days later, on October 12, expect to feel the optimistic effects of a beneficial square between the Sun and Jupiter. You’ll enjoy an extra boost of confidence, and you might just find good luck popping up when you need it most. Lazy tendencies could prevail on this day, limiting your good fortune — though not your good mood! If you can stay somewhat grounded, you stand to boost both your luck and your outlook.

Whatever you do, don’t let laziness ruin your chance at romantic bliss.


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