Best of Luck I guess.


That feeling you get when you watch your ex, who obsessed over you for years, get married to a psycho bitch. Best of luck and happiness to my dear Mike Alter. I won’t make this public on Facebook, but I had to admit how I feel. You’ve had enough crazy ex’s including me to last you a lifetime. Even though I get along with her, from what I’ve heard of this one, she isn’t much better.But I hope you’re the good change in her life that will make you both happy.


The Heavens Remind You What’s Most Important

If the beginning of this month got you a little down, don’t worry. By November 4, things will start to turn around — and maybe even pick up the pace!

November 4 sees Venus move out of adventurous Sagittarius and into calculating Capricorn. This may not seem like the most exciting move for the planet of love, but it will certainly help you transform yourself into someone more sophisticated and chic, ensuring more effective networking and business success for you! Outwardly, romance may fizzle … but behind closed doors, earthy Capricorn will bring out the more sensual side of your relationship.

November 6 will act as a bit of a speed bump of sorts, as this day sees Saturn conjunct the Sun. You’ll need to deal with mistakes and eliminate excess before you can expect to make any forward progress.

Jupiter then turns retrograde on November 7. For the next few months, you’ll want to focus away from material expansion as you instead try to dig deeper and uncover your true purpose. Once you have that figured out, you’ll find that material success will be easier to achieve. Besides, the best things in life are almost always free, right?

Venus will reinforce that last point on November 8 when it forms a sweet, charming alliance with Neptune. Romance will be tender and you’ll find yourself reaching out to friends, all while you try to help those in need. Indeed, it’ll be a feel-good day all around!

As you consider what’s most important to you, why not take some time to evaluate your relationship?