Mars in Libra Calls for a Relationship Assessment

After plowing through hard-working, critical Virgo for the last few weeks, Mars switches gears to sail into social, fair-minded Libra on December 7. Here, Mars will throw its weight and energy behind strengthening relationships and making sure promises are honored. Mars normally remains in a sign for about six weeks, but due to upcoming retrograde activity, this fiery planet will house itself in Libra for eight months — plenty of time to address arguments and apply a fair, balanced approach to issues!

Three days after Mars’ entrance into Libra, December 10 features an engaging alignment between Mercury and Uranus. Conversations will be witty and off-the-wall, for Uranus tends to get people thinking far outside the box. You’ll have no tolerance for boredom — in fact, your main objective will be to keep coming up with exciting little adventures!

With Mars lending its take-action prowess to Libra, the sign of peace and justice, this is an ideal time to take a good look at your own romantic relationship. Is it heaven-sent … or could it use a bit more work?