Daily Love Tarot Card for Friday, February 28


The Six of Swords card reversed suggests that you might be afraid to take a chance on love after rejection, loss or defeat, but sticking close to home or making excuses may only be alienating you from someone who could serve as a guide or friend. You may not be ready to take the next step, but this could be a warning that you’re ruining your own chances at happiness by being unwilling to compromise or afraid to try new opportunities. Leave behind old baggage that helped to form your comfort zone. If it isn’t working for you anymore, don’t keep going back for more. If you feel you are up the creek without a paddle, get out and swim for the shore.



Your persistence disgusts me. Couldn’t leave well alone could you? Here I’ve sat shattered and broken only to come to find out you lack any real remorse for my heartache. Go ahead, do whatever floats your damn boat, but you will not receive any blessing from me. Instead all I have left is bitter contempt. I expect a large gesture before your departure or I will wail in pain the moment you walk out the door.

Daily Love Tarot Card for Thursday, February 27


The Six of Wands card reversed suggests that your relationship could be suffering from jealousy and miscommunication, or you could be involved with a high-profile but socially unacceptable person and are unable to publicly demonstrate affection or any sort of romantic connection. The cat may be out of the bag, however, due to a matter dealing with pride or jealousy. A struggle could result, but you and your lover may not be built to go the distance. It may be time to put yourself back in the dating game.

Daily Love Tarot Card for Wednesday, February 26



The Nine of Swords card suggests that you should try to contain your emotions until you have everything in order. Later you can retreat into your comfort zone and let it all out — the regret or guilt that sticks like a thorn and keeps you from confronting shattered romantic illusions. Be aware that the fear or sorrow hanging over your head could be taking its toll on your love life or relationship. If this torment is recurring, realize that it isn’t about what you have done to deserve this, but more about the natural consequences of something you have been unable to see clearly until now. This is about that moment of painful yet necessary realization. You know you can’t go on like this anymore — there is no going back. Inevitable change must come.

Daily Love Tarot Card for Tuesday, February 25


The Queen of Pentacles card reversed suggests that making material quantity or trendy indulgences the foundation of this Queen’s success or identity may create a false sense of deprivation, want or burden. Rather than finding pleasure or gratitude in earthly gifts, she may struggle with neglect, false sexuality, resentment or vanity or take superficial pride in spending money in an effort to keep up, buy love or entice a man. Be aware that you could succumb to her influence and fall into the same trap of living only for the moment. Humble gratitude and understanding for what has real value and meaning for you or simply honoring womanhood for her most abundant gifts and glorious, wild imperfections might be the message here.

Daily Love Tarot Card for Monday, February 24


I haven’t read these for a while, but decided to today and my mind was blown on how they progressed with how I’ve actually been feeling.

The World card reversed suggests that you could be in a romantic rut, not taking care of business, unable or unwilling to expand your horizons, or relying too much on passive fantasy. Because of that, your love life, family planning or relationship could have come to a standstill or begun to feel empty. A new perspective or change of scenery may improve your options or make your communication less inhibited. Patience may be needed if you are inexperienced or have let heartbreak, fear or isolation keep you from going all the way or surrendering to love.

Winter Funk


I really do have a wonderful boyfriend. After much recent conversation he’s really been coming through for me. I even got a massage before bed last night. Now if only the sun would come out and bring me out of this winter funk. Also, new goal. Lay off all the drinking. I’m getting out of hand and it can’t possibly be helping my recent depression. Hopefully I’m still able to go to Austin. I think some time away from the snow would really cheer me up. I feel like crying for no apparent reason, just a constant feeling of sadness. I blame it on winter, you bitter bitch you. Doesn’t help our gig at the Plamor Lanes was kind of a dud. Everyone left making me feel like I didn’t do well. *sigh* But it was wonderful to have the support of Knight, his family, and friends Waldo and Isaac and their lady’s. Well, off to band practice. Here’s hoping things get better.

I Love the rain. It’s like having a good cry.


I Love the rain. It’s like having a good cry. All I can say is I’ve needed it. The past week since Valentines Day I’ve had this overwhelming feeling of heartbreak. Even with Knight’s recent efforts I haven’t been able to shake the feeling. For the first time in awhile I’m scared and all my feelings conflict. One side of me fears that things won’t change. That the pain will just keep occurring. Yet my other fear is, if it does, how will I react? Life is about choices and for me this is vast. I have the love of a man whom I’ve been searching for my entire life. That unconditional, nonjudgmental affection that reminds me of the love I have only received from my father. How could I walk away from something so wonderful? But my heart is breaking. I feel as though I could collapse as any moment from the overwhelming catastrophe of it all. That “fall to your knees wailing in pain” sensation where your heart feels as though it’s been swallowed up inside your gut. I desperately feel the need to escape this feeling and have concluded on taking some time away to reflect. I’m aware I signed up for this, but I suppose I had different expectations. I never imagined each “situation” he involves himself with would hit so close to home, while alongside the lack of feeling satisfied with the romance of our own relationship, I feel starved in a way. As much as I despise the relationship I held with Kiplin for over ten years, I can’t help but miss the passion behind it. His level of devotion was something straight out of the grandest of love stories. Though as star-crossed lovers as we were, at least that overwhelming flame inside me could be quenched. Instead, I feel a fiery mess set to high, beginning to char from the inside out. He sets my heart ablaze; sending me into a ravenous frenzy of passion and desire, but never seems to commit the same amount of hunger. I long to be craved like a desperate thirst that only I alone can quench, but alas, it is only his infidelities’ that seem to be what he essentially longs for.

I stayed up all night waiting for him until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, but roused briefly hours later to find him there. I reached out to touch him and fell asleep in blissful contentment; only soon for it to fade away, replaced with an unremorseful anger and feeling of betrayal. Over and over I have felt these feelings only to have them grow stronger and more heartbreaking with each offense. Sometimes I compare it to a beating, but instead of my body, it’s to my heart. Some day’s I wonder why I put myself through this. Perhaps hoping that he will change? But I’m fully aware that people do not change; not for anyone else at least, but sometimes for themselves. I suppose I keep hoping that I will one day be the reason he decides to choose better. In hopes that he will stop wanting to hurt me. I am just as swept away as I was with all the others that found ways to injure me. I believe I deserved all those beatings, and perhaps I deserve this one too.

He says I’m either the worlds best actress or I’m incredibly selfless. I look at it more as I try desperately to believe my own lies, for both our sakes. But it’s backfiring, and it grows more difficult everyday to keep the bitterness at bay. I caught myself finding solace in his guilt. A trait I’m not proud of. Never the less, only that bought me any hope of things shifting. Some days I wonder, what have I gotten myself into? In what reality did I think I could handle this? But then I’m reminded how much he’s worth it. I hold out for those brief moments with him that matter, whether it be something as stupid as his appreciation coming home to well prepared meal, when he finally takes some force with me like a lion in the bedroom, or as powerful as the beaming auras during our first dance classes. Those moments matter more than anything, making the pain tolerable. I relish in them, and few as they may be, are the driving force to my existence. One of these days I just need to make time for a really good cry.


Aries Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility


Aries Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility

As the sensitive fire of an Aries mixes with the strong fire of Leo, they create a charmed blaze of everlasting warmth and passion. Both the people of these signs are strong and love to appreciate and share the spot-light with each other. However, together these two always maintain the vigor and excitement in their relationship.

A Leo man is born with superiority in his blood and always loves to have an upper hand in every field including relationships. He is natural born leader and have a fan following. The Leo is often one of a kind, very honest and loyal man who is very sensible and extremely practical. In love with an Aries maiden, a he is extremely romantic and passionate lover who is very generous and warm towards his lady. He is always brimming with stamina emotional, mentally and physically that brings new found excitement to an Aries female.

An Aries woman is highly self-determining and intelligent lady, full of vivacity and sparkling enthusiasm. She never looses and is sometimes boastful about her achievements. The faith of an Aries woman can move mountains as she has that optimistic energy which can make impossible, possible! She carries the simplicity and air of child like innocence which is very much admired by all men. She in love with a Leo man is generally a bright and brave spirited woman who enormously admires him for his strength and warmth. She makes him feel honored and loved in all the possible ways.

An Aries woman presents a Leo man with a high spirited mate who is ready to accept all the challenges he offers to her. She is always a companion to him who has equal passion and strength in her personality. Due to the dominance of the Leo man, she typically surrenders which she can never do for any other man. The honest admiration of Aries woman enhances the confidence and wisdom of her Leo man. She fulfills all the dreams of him and provides him with a challenge which he enjoys intensely. Though her ruthless comment may sometimes hurt his ego and dampen his spirits and her selfishness can give him shocks at times but his wisdom is enough to bring him back to normal. She in fact has no problem worshiping him as long as he respects and honors her.

A Leo man makes an Aries woman, a real delicate damsel with his most romantic expressions and loving spirits. His dominance brings forth her femininity that she never knew existed until now. There may be instances when the egos of these two clash badly, but that is in order to make up and reassure each other of one another’s love. Making up allows them to keep the magic alive and keep the flame burning. At times she enjoys his constant homily realizing it is well meant and full of affection for her. Basically he is very generous and warm towards him but sometimes he can be too honest, hurting the enthusiastic spirits of Aries lady. But after the novelty wears off, she might challenge him a few times and feel bored at times around him.

Both Aries and Leo have very dynamic personalities to share with each other. They never suffer from boredom when they are together. They always provide one another with constant excitement which each one craves for. The genuine forthrightness of the Aries moves the Leo strangely, stirring harmony in his own idealistic heart and in return he flourishes to help her avoid her selfishness, affectionately, with his lovable and tender ways. As their unison blossoms in the sunshine of love and vigor, he gives up his dominating attitude and embraces his lady love to protect her from all the emotional storms and she gives up her egoism to love and pamper him to make him happiest man on the earth. When madly in love with each other they create a magical fire which burns in their hearth throughout their lives giving both of them, the light of excitement and the warmth of oneness.

The vibrations given off by the Aries woman and Leo man are very powerful. This pair has many moments of sexual intimacy which are marvelous and even mad. Sex between the two is very fulfilling because each of them gives the other what they need and want. There is a strong emotional bond between the two. Her naiveté and air of innocence stirs a deep well of tenderness within the Leo man making him more passionate towards her need to be one with him. He finds the excitement of the Aries woman contagious, stirring his sexual desires and bringing enthusiasm and excitement in their love making. The romance and the warm touch of the Leo man ignite the passion of the Aries woman as she submits herself as a whole to him. The solution for all their relationship problems is that she needs to grow up emotionally and for him to constantly tell her how much he loves her and what she means to him.

The relationship of a Leo man and Aries woman is competitive in nature. The protective charisma and strength of the Leo man is strongly adored by her but she may feel sick of haughtiness and his desire to dominate all the time. On the other hand, the innocence and courage of an Aries woman stimulates the romantic feeling in him but he may feel upset regarding her aggressiveness and impulsive actions. They both have large egos and strong passion to be held on with. Due to their drooping egos, a relation between a Leo and an Aries, though warm and wonderful, can produce frequent emotional storms. But a friendly communication and mutual respect can make them a happier couple.