Your Weekly Horoscope

March 30, 2014 to April 5, 2014

Creative endeavors could prosper now, particularly those that draw upon the emotions or that require creative visualization skills, such as poetry, art, acting, and other such activities. You are likely to require a certain amount of solitude in order to get your thoughts together or to be mentally productive. You are less likely to chat indiscriminately during this transit, and tend to be a little secretive or tight-lipped for the time being. This may be important, in fact, because this position is sometimes associated with the uncovering of secrets, so discretion may be in order.

NOT a time to go overboard, in terms of self-pity, to see troubles where none exist, or attempt to solve the world’s problems. There could be some rivalry, hard feelings generated that could trigger off either of these reactions. A positive outlook is what you need to carry. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

Daily Love Tarot Card for Monday, March 31

The Justice card reversed suggests that there is nothing more romantically isolating than self-righteous indignation, blind trust, demanding proof of love, a victim mentality, jealousy or a desire for vengeance, unless it is the inability to get the connection between your convictions, words or behavior and the natural consequences. You get what you give.

Daily Tarot Card for Sunday, March 30

The Ten of Wands card suggests that my power today lies in conscience. “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” I own responsibility for the baggage I have chosen to carry but I am ready to lay the weight of a burden or secret I have been hiding behind where it belongs in order to reconcile my conscience. Do I want to be right or alone? I am empowered by blind faith in fulfilling my purpose or greater good to “just do it,” and I transform through in passion or direction in principle.

Daily Love Tarot Card for Sunday, March 30

The Hierophant card suggests that overplanning, putting on a show or placing too much emphasis on the conventional trappings of an event is certain to bring about disappointment or contempt for those who don’t conform to ‘proper’ etiquette or ideology. Be sure your priorities are in order, because it’s not just about you.

Scopes March 27th


Daily Tarot Card for Thursday, March 27

The Three of Wands card suggests that my power today lies in opportunity. I lay it on the line, take a chance, and look for signs of positive encouragement. I am open to new worlds and am actively patient in expanding my connection, increasing my standing, or waiting for my “ship to come in,” but “if I can’t get to the party, I will bring the party to me.” I am empowered by a sense of responsibility and a readiness to believe and receive and I transform through creative resourcefulness

Daily Couple’s Horoscope for Thursday, March 27

Virtue is its own reward, yes — but lately you’ve been gritting your teeth and being virtuous when you know that it’s your darling’s turn to step up to the plate. Say something, for goodness sake! Don’t be a martyr.

Daily AstroSlam for Thursday, March 27

A brainstorming session will prove useful when plotting your next scheme. To succeed, you must have fresh ideas. Needless to say, you haven’t had a decent notion in years. You might want to entice an intelligent person or two to help you out.

Daily Love Tarot Card for Thursday, March 27

The High Priestess card reversed suggests that turning on the charm could be part of a romantic strategy, and emotional resolve may crumble in favor of satisfying lust, desire or revenge. The attraction or release may seem sweet at first, but it could backfire, resulting in remorse or anger. Make a conscious effort to see beyond the moment or control your passions, otherwise you may end up feeling dissatisfied. You don’t have to be sexual to feel valued.

Daily Horoscope for Thursday, March 27

It’s time to show off your leadership skills. Some know full well what you can do, while others need to see it firsthand. Take charge of that meeting or ask the one question that gets everyone thinking.

You’re in for a Cosmically Bumpy Ride


Dear Kimberly,

Get ready to smile with pure joy, cry out in frustration, and turn your passions into new beginnings. In other words, get ready for the final days of March!

It’ll be difficult to find something to not smile about on March 26, when Mercury in Pisces aligns itself with jolly Jupiter in Cancer. These combined energies mean that positive words will flow freely, optimism will soar, and you’ll find encouragement just about everywhere!

Then, on March 28, Venus in Aquarius finds itself in an especially capricious mood as it aligns with both Mars and Saturn. Mars will light a passionate fire under you — which Saturn will do its best to put out! It’ll be a day of highs and lows offering a boon to certain relationships, but perhaps a bit of a blow to others. Try to remain as levelheaded as possible as you simply ride it out.

Happily, any loose ends will get sorted out or swept aside by a thrilling new Moon rising in Aries on March 30. This dynamic new Moon will give you the necessary get-up-and-go to kick off new projects and stabilize your emotional connections; indeed, it’ll be a time of fresh starts and no regrets. Focus on what you can achieve quickly and easily for the most satisfaction!




Hi! We are looking for someone to sing at our wedding! It is a lot harder to find a singer than I had anticipated. This is for a Catholic Ceremony, so someone who has at least some knowledge of a mass would be ideal. The songs would need to be rehearsed at the church with the music department. if interested, please send an email with either a link of where I can listen to some of the vocals or a clip attached. Also, please include what you charge for this! Thanks!!
Sunday – Stayed in the hotel all day, homework mostly.
Monday – Manor school, Waffle House, Uncle Billy’s

Tarot March 22nd


Daily Tarot Card for Saturday, March 22

The Ten of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in completion. I celebrate and am grateful for captured moments of simple perfection. Satisfying my hearts desire connects me by example to love, beauty, pleasure, and happiness in those around me and gives me confidence to take it to the next level. “We made it.” Unconditional love makes a family and home is where the heart is, so at last, I am never alone. I am empowered by gratitude and my gift is emotional fulfillment.

Daily AstroSlam

If you feel like you’ve picked a path through a minefield, it’s because you have. Your life is filled with people who can’t stand the sight of you, so all they do is nitpick. You’d better watch your step or you may end up in dire straits.

Daily Love Tarot 

The Justice card reversed suggests that there is nothing more romantically isolating than self-righteous indignation, blind trust, demanding proof of love, a victim mentality, jealousy or a desire for vengeance, unless it is the inability to get the connection between your convictions, words or behavior and the natural consequences. You get what you give.

Friday in Austin


After the longest ride on a bus ever I finally arrived in Austin TX. It is a pleasure getting to spend time with my friend Andrew again. The conversations we have are always intriguing. We made our way to 6th st to the Dizzy Rooster to see Johnny Glass’s band perform. As soon as I walk in the door Johnny Freaks out hugging me in front of the entire bar and mentioning that “What has it been? Two years?” Surprisingly he was not performing with a blues band like I would have assumed. I liked this better. Outside for a smoke I recognized a man that I had only seen on YouTube; The singer from GOAT and your Mom. If you haven’t witnessed the weirdness that is “Quack Like A Duck” than you are sadly missing out my friends.. Or are you. Nope, actually its traumatizing, but oh so amusing. I got to shake his hand and he even offered for me to “shake his junk”. With a giggle I declines but I did receive a hug where he picked me up. He was actually quite charming in a wearing a cape an speedo thong kinda way. :P We made friends with the band and followed them over to Maggie Mays. Out of all the bands I was hearing it was made very clear that if I ever decided too, I could very well excel here as a musician. I had a grand time. We didn’t manage to make it to breakfast with them, because Andrew was too drunk so we headed to hotel and crashed. I almost got caught pissing in public, which was exhilarating. Over all it was a wonderful night in Austin Texas.

Tarot March 21st


Daily AstroSlam

Your raw emotions have you feeling more wishy-washy than ever. You couldn’t make a decision and stick with it if your life counted on it. Stop being everyone’s doormat! Pleasing everyone at your own expense isn’t going to get your anywhere.

Daily Tarot Card

The Five of Wands card suggests that my power today lies in practice. I play fair and can hold my own in against my peers in my chosen arena. I develop confidence, refine my intentions, and make progress by being prepared to put my desires, beliefs, ideas, or skills to the test or put my “money where my mouth is.” I am empowered by healthy competition and I transform through preparedness.

Daily Love Tarot

The Six of Swords card suggests that the worst might be over, but now what? It may be time to accept the facts — move out of your comfort zone, seek refuge or guidance from someone in the same boat in order to resolve, reconcile and move on. See your way out of a negative situation, for it may have nothing left to offer you. Rebuilding trust or seeking a better life needs to be done although you may not meet it with much enthusiasm or confidence. Make sure you don’t take your previous baggage with you on this emigration. You must dump the heartbreak, resentment, tension, dependency or ties that burden you, otherwise you could recreate similar conditions or trade one hardship or bad relationship for another.

Pinch And A Punch


Knight took me to Hooter’s last night, so tasty, and we bonded oven some conversation. It seems truly difficult to get him to open up in descriptive detail about his feelings and point of view. As for the karaoke contest, I didn’t win, again. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, because I hear from everyone else I’m doing everything right. I couldn’t fathom the amount of people who thought the contest was a sham. That girl really had nothing on my ability. She same the SAME sort of songs all four rounds, which others found repetitious, her vocals were… fine. Nothing that showed real dynamics or impressed me to the point that I even felt threatened. I’ve seen and been shown up before and pride myself on being humble and able to recognize, but this clearly wasn’t it, AND they stated that we would be judged on stage presence and I was the ONLY and I mean ONLY one that danced around at all. I fucking NAILED IT! I didn’t get my hopes up because I knew deep down that this was a possibly. It’s happened before. But I had the cat in the bag with my talent, but because she had a giant table of followers with her (Funny they never mentioned it was being judged by crowd participation) it was once again stripped from me. At least in the last competition at the gay bar I was beat for real, because I picked a song that I was too sick to sing and couldn’t hit the notes. I fucked up. I admit it. I own up to it, and when the other girl won I understood why, but this time seriously, it was shady. Real Shady.

So on another note, I came to a conclusion today. After much reflection I realized that Knight is the greatest blessing. I recognize that though my situation is not ideal, I truly could not be in a better position. The day my therapist died I also discovered about Dr. Bair and his discrepancies, which got me thinking. Everyone in the whole world I ever thought capable of cheating and lying to that extent, he was the last person I ever imagined would do so. It verified my fear that all men are pigs and Knights’ honesty is a blessing in disguise. Knight compared it to a “pinch and a punch”. Where his consistent pinching may be annoying, it is tolerable, but if someone where to go behind my back and lie outright it would be another punch to the face. Your heart breaks and you wonder how you survive the pain. I don’t want to go through something like that ever again. If Dr. Bair can do it, than there is no hope and it is bound to happen eventually. Better to be faced with it honestly and with respect, then deceptively without conscience. I need to be reminded how lucky I am to have a man who regards me enough to show that sort of compassion, no matter how difficult of a situation it may be.



Only one more night before I leave for my grand adventure to Austin, the music capital of the world, but first to absorb as much of his time and affection as possible. His arms are the safest place I know.