April Ends on a High Note


Dear Kimberly,
As if April hasn’t already provided enough astrological action, there are still major transits to deal with before the month can come to a close. Happily, however, this time they all have the potential to help move your life forward!The most major upcoming event, of course, is a solar eclipse in Taurus on April 29. This powerful new Moon will serve as a wake-up call, helping you make constructive decisions and then put them into action! Taurus will do its best to ensure your ideas are grounded, workable, and designed to last, but you’ll still need to demonstrate common sense — and a lot of persistence — to ensure that your long-term plans work out for the best.

Also on April 29, Mercury aligns with Pluto for deep thinking and persuasive arguments. Get ready for incredible encounters and intense discussions!

The action-packed month finally wraps up on a positive note as Mercury enjoys a pleasant transit with enthusiastic, confident Jupiter on April 30. You’ll think positively and your spirits will be high as certain things that only recently seemed unattainable will suddenly appear before your very eyes!

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