A Purrfect Weekend


This weekend could not have been more perfect. Even though Friday was stressful with the gig being canceled, Knight and I drove down to Muscatine to pick up my new car. A 2000 Royal Blue Grand Prix. He’s beautiful. I shall name him Francious after my ferret whom I miss so much. She rides wonderfully.

I was able to DJ down at the Circle Tap then after raised some hell with friends. Saturday Knight and I spent the day in bed geeking out on Breaking Bad; the final season. It has been a growing relationship with these characters. We packed our bags and headed for Dubuque Iowa. I’ve never been before. Pulling up to the bar, were a TON of Bikers. I was excited. I LOVE biker bars. Bikers have so much fun! We had dancer’s the ENTIRE evening and they even paid us more than promised. Not to mention we had like 3 of 4 other bar owners offer to book our band. It was a successful evening. The boys think we will do very well in Dubuque. I didn’t pay for a single drink, unless you count the ones I bought my boyfriend. The ride home was just as interesting as we passed by the outskirts of a storming witnessing Red Lightening. I’ve never seen anything such my entire life.

That night was technically the day, but for obvious reasons Knight and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary Sunday. We woke up and met up with his sister, her kids and at Knights mom’s for an “indoor” picnic due to the weather being crappy. Ate some yummy soup, watched “How to train your pet Dragon”, then realized we were so drowsy I could barely stay awake anymore and needed to get up and moving. BUT we were able to meet Kassie’s new little one, a girl, Ashlyn. She has a darling button nose. Though I think Knight and I took away a lot from that time spent with the kids. He was being trampled over by the boys Mikey and TJ, then with a dramatic look mouthed the word “NEVER” over and over again. *giggles*. And prior to this moment I was able to hold onto Ashlyn, but to my surprise I received no “Ticking Clock” or “Want to Be a Mom” instinct. I was strangely surprised by this fact as I had seen it happen to my best friend Kayla, the ice queen. So why not me? How come I lack this motherly crisis that all my friends have apparently subjected themselves to? Realizing I was the LAST of all friends from prior years to succumb to the extending of “Family”, I’ve gone out in search of answers. Today I apparently found mine. Before I thought, well, perhaps i’m missing out, feeling left behind, but holding the child I felt selfish, and witnessed how much it took to be a mother. Kassie running around, quite leveled headed considering, barely able to keep all 3 boys in check or humored. I concluded I have come out ahead. Ashlyn was tiny and squishy, but still no overwhelming feeling of “OH I must have one!” I was never playing house as a child, and I despised baby dolls. Their blinking eyes creeped me out, and that was even before watching the movie “Chucky”. I suck with my Barbie dolls who had curves and loved the concept of dress up. I suppose I was shallow even at that age. So I think the better part of me has basically gotten this out of my system. I’m now currently 26 years old. I think I got lucky and missed the mother flu. My pets stress me out enough as it is. I still concur that I would make a terrible mother, if not slack, then likely over-baring like my own was. I’ll throw my time and energy into other things, and when Ashlyn gets of age where dress up becomes a fun thing, then I can be the cool pageant aunt, unless she ends up being a tom boy or country chick, then maybe I’ll just take them all to concerts or what not. As for Knight, I thought the pictures spoke for themselves. *Evil Giggle*

That afternoon returning home was the best. Knight spoiled me with our favorite meal that we made together when we first met. Grilled cheese hamburgers with tomato soup for dipping. He toasted the buns and even lit candles. I made the brownies and enjoyed his company. I was so happily content. I told him it didn’t take much to make me happy, just make the effort and make it sentimental. I was grateful in that moment and realized he really is a good man and I’m very lucky to have won his affections. Our posts that weekend went as such:

One year ago, he showed up at my doorstep, dressed to the nines and pretending to be a gentleman. *giggles* He was charming and mysterious. He woo’d me over dinner, and captivated me with karaoke. He left me with a kiss that memorized me for three weeks until the next one. I didn’t see him coming and I didn’t realize it then, but I was head over heals. One year later and I’m still just as enamored. Knight, you have become my shining beacon; coming into my life when I had given up hope of ever finding someone like you. I love how I rarely have to ask you to take the trash out or how you, me, the cat, and the dog have become our own little family. I delight in knowing that not a day goes past that you don’t kiss me goodbye before leaving for work, or how the safest place in the world is my head on your chest. I’m happy feeling like your family has become my family and I relish in your patience and unconditional love. This is one year of my life I would gladly do over and over again. Happy Anniversary Darling. I adore you. — feeling loved.
1 year ago I began a new journey in which I began seeing my lovely girlfriend Mina Kaye Jaeger. It was when she got to meet the real me: Mexican food addict who looks good in purple, likes karaoke and thinks beer is icky. From that point on I put a few thousand miles on my car just to spend time with her, driving six hours a weekend just to pick her up and drop her off. Wouldn’t take back a minute or a mile because it all, in the end, made us realize how perfect for each other we are and how I wouldn’t want to waste one more without her by my side. I love you baby, happy anniversary