The Summer Solstice Is Here


The summer solstice is a time of emphatic celebration, bringing the longest day of sunlight to the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun moves into Cancer. The solstice falls on June 21 this year, and with it comes a moment of renewal as you bring your home and loved ones into sharp focus.

Cancer is an ambitious, artistic sign, but it’s also quite sensitive, and it’s from this that its desire to stay close to home and loved ones stems — you want to be where you know you’ll be safe and cared for! Fortunately, spending a few weeks focusing on family, friends, and a cozy home is never a bad thing! Enjoy these intimate settings now, and if you think someone’s slighted you, try to remember there’s a good chance you may simply be a bit oversensitive right now.

Two days later, on June 23, romantic Venus flutters into the social-butterfly sign of Gemini. The party mood will be light-hearted, frivolous, and flirtatious, with lots of variety and constant change — Gemini will keep you jumping from one conversation to the next!

Between Cancer’s protective barriers and Gemini’s practically non-existent attention span, you could use an astrology reading that will help you quickly get in tune with your needs


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