Horoscope Wed 16, 2014


I bet Knight would even appreciate these.

The Ten of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in completion. I celebrate and am grateful for captured moments of simple perfection. Satisfying my hearts desire connects me by example to love, beauty, pleasure, and happiness in those around me and gives me confidence to take it to the next level. “We made it.” Unconditional love makes a family and home is where the heart is, so at last, I am never alone. I am empowered by gratitude and my gift is emotional fulfillment.

Love Horoscope:
The Five of Pentacles card suggests that your perceived deficiencies, anxieties or cravings may only exist in comparison to the group that you feel is excluding you. Remember that you have options. You are a survivor, able to deal with the flaws of your partner and the cold shoulder from those who see your values as unusual or suspect. Either may be putting a strain on your love life. You can find strength in adversity, so don’t be too quick to curse your lot. Be willing to face the unknown hardships for the sake of future improvements, growth and acceptance. Soon you will be in a place where you can express yourself fully. For better or worse, you may still have each other as well as your faith that some good can come of this.


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