Good times


It’s been a good couple of days. Knight has been on vacation and we’ve been spending a lot of time together. He got tickets to the Mississippi Valley Fair , we went and had dinner at his moms, he joined me at my photo shoot with the band but his aunt took photos of, and after all the research heartache that I’ve dealt with lately it’s been a very good week. I really miss my uncle Joel. It hasn’t been the same since he’s passed. I think about him more than I thought I would ever think of anyone after they’ve been gone. I don’t even think of Brant that often or cricket. Uncle Joe’s last words to me have definitely hit hard. I keep feeling that I need to do better even though I had made him proud, I felt it made me need to up my standards. Ever since I haven’t become so intoxicated at shows. We play the West Liberty, Muscatine County Fair. It was a strange crowd of people, but towards the end of the night Facebook really seem to enjoy us. Then we played the Muscatine great river days. There was a good response from the crowd that decided to stay. I even had a guy kiss me on stage which I found amusing. And my mother even decided to show up and surprise me with Scott.



Tonight we play at the mississippi brewing company again. We are becoming very successful in the Muscatine Iowa area. I also managed to acquire us a gig at the rusty nail here in the Quad Cities. I’m hoping it will be the foot in the door we need to start playing more shows up here.


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