Positive outcomes but lack of motivation


Everything has gone wonderful lately. Friday I had a show at the brew with my band. They surprised me with a confetti cannon. It was Todd’s 50th birthday. They even flew up his son from Florida. His wife Lori bought him a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. Todd cried. It was adorable. Overall the show went well and I stayed at Todd Lori’s that evening. If things show up on this blog as incorrect it’s because I’m using my phones speech to text feature, which is a lot of fun and I find convenient. Next day I met up with Kallie and Andres , her boyfriend. We finally watched the movie frozen, which was adorable and I giggled quite a bit. I even came home to Knight having made the bed which was the best feeling in the world. We also went and saw guardians of the galaxy which is my new favorite Marvel movie. I laughed so much. Then we went and spent time at the mall and I showed her the store body central which she fell in love with. We returned home and watched Jackie Chan movie something about the Drunken Master. It was amusing. The next day was just as eventful. We all went to the Mississippi Valley Fair, rode all the rides that we could before we were burnt to a crisp. I am still suffering from the after effects. Although the weekend was so much fun I felt like I was a total downer because I was completely hormonal and still have yet to stop nagging which I don’t understand what is wrong with me. Today night had his second court appearance for his DUI, I told him last night that I had his back no matter what and that I was here for him no matter the outcome. I woke up worried assuming the worst but hoping for the best. When he finally contacted me the news was relieving. 12 months supervision and a thousand dollar fine. Not to mention all the hoops special have to go through to get back his drivers license, he also has to do some drug and alcohol testing before they actually finalize the verdict, but on the other side of things he heard what other people were being find even having a lawyer and the only difference was less time in supervision. So in the long run I suppose we are grateful from not investing in the lawyer unless the supervision is expensive in itself which has me worried also. Although I don’t see that to be the case but I could be wrong. On the negative side of things my kitchen is covered in flies. It is so disgusting. When I watch night do dishes the other day there were maggots and I about gagged. Not sure how to solve this problem. Although everything has gone swimmingly I can’t seem to get myself out of this funk. I like any motivation to do anything except on the other side things I’m learning like a sponge. I’ve read the entire book The Giver, finished Perks of Being a Wallflower, and started reading life strategies by Dr Phil. There isn’t any food in the house really to cook with so I’m not sure what I’m going to be able to do for dinner. And it’s been raining all day so I can get to the store even if I did have money. Sometimes I wish night would help me manage our money because I’m so in the dark and I always feel like we go broke so fast. If I was allowed to manage the money I’m certain I would be able to get him out of debt sooner and well on our way to our earth ship. I’m good with money, when its not my money. But I suppose seeing me with my own funds would make anyone skeptical. I suppose I just get frustrated that he comes up with all these dreams of things he wants to buy or invest in when their things at home that should be taken care of first or should be a bigger priority. Long story short, I’m grateful that he’s mine and I am grateful that he loves me. I’m grateful he’s getting better with his bills and I shouldn’t complain because it was his vacation and he deserved to have that time to spoil  himself.