Never Finished, Far behind


Seems I never am able to finish a single blog post or even take the time to blog as often as I would like. Maybe if I just keep them short.

Had a long talk with Knight this evenin’, and some of last. I basically told him we were best friends and I no longer consider him my lover. I question if he and I will be better off as roommates. I don’t have much hope left to offer. Either he has to come through and woo me or I’ve pretty much made up my mind. There are plenty other fish out in the sea who can give me what I need, while making me feel like I am what they want. I can’t blow these feelings off as just hormonal any longer, because the same feelings keep coming up. We can’t keep living life by sweeping our problems under the rug, hoping that waiting it out will make them disappear with time. And I hate feeling like I’m an old couple. I’m young and should be realizing in the fire of my youth.¬†We will see what we become between now and new years.

I really miss feeling ablaze.