Somethings off


That terrible moment when you lock yourself away in your pajamas for days watching terrible soap operas in Korean, never leaving the bed, which the exception to pee, which are few and far between. My lack of interest in anything adds to the stressed building in my temple resulting in a constant tension headache. I’m freaking out about everything, nothing feels like its going smoothly. Days lag on and I feel like i’m just waiting for the storm to pass. My kitchen reeks of trash, cat piss, and really old chicken. I still have yet to sell any of the ebay stuff, karaoke has become a major pain in my ass, and because I’m stuck in this terrible funk of smelly dirty house, cold weather, and a lack of feeling free, I have hidden myself inside a bubble breathing recycled air, while I allow my relationship to suffer due to a failure to get in touch with my emotions. *sob* I just wish this tension headache would go away.


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