Not half bad


My day today wasn’t half bad. Knight did dishes while I cooked lunch. He played video games and I watched chick flicks. Made the trip to Home depot, got a yoohoo for driving, and Knight became mr fix it and corrected the sick issues downstairs. *go boyfriend* Then he “scored” and found a discount for dominos and we ain’t in together. Took a wonderful shower that I needed. (Thank god we have shampoo finally) and now I’m realizing that every child on Masterchef Junior could kick my ass in cooking. I have a lot to learn. Tomorrow I’m getting the heater in my car looked at, and hopefully that will relieve a lot of the stress i’ve been under. I wish this tension headache in my head would go away. I know its stressed related. It feels like i’m furrowing my eyebrows 24/7 and is a dull, constant pain that lingers and annoys. I need to find my reset button, but overall. Not a bad day.


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