Punch them all in the face


I have officially had the most shit Day. First, the downstairs assholes were parked In Our neighbors spot who asked me to have them move before the plow came through. So while attempting to contact them with sadly no luck reaching my sister who with her powers could have fixed everything, I instead had to go personally inside and ask them to move their cars for the plow.

Upon arriving to work, I couldn’t find my phone, which was going to straight to voicemail, my boss was kind enough to let me leave to find it. I found it where I had to get out of my car so I could tell them to move theirs. It’s sitting in rice now not working. Mind you, they were still parked out front…

Once getting home that night, the plow had come threw, and they still had not moved their cars, so I could not park and got stuck. Knight was kind enough to help me out, but I stepped inside the door and its dark, but it reeks of dog, shit, and piss, I turn on the light and I’m ustanding in it while the fucking demon dog just stares at me so happy. Here’s the kicker, the dog was in his kennel all day and escaped? I am beyond fucking livid… And could potentially go punch things. If knight thinks I’m coming back home to put up with that dog he is mistaken… I would rather stay gone. No relationship is worth the bullshit that dog has inflicted on my life and always at the worse moments. I have never hated an animal so much and seriously if I didn’t care for knight as much as I do I would have left for that reason alone. There was always the option to kill it or ditch it but I have enough on my conscience and had prayed knight would realize my grief caused by that dog. But he’s picked the dog, and he has picked the girls, and he never seems to Pick me. Well you know what I pick? For the first time I can’t wait to get the hell out.


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