If I didn’t need you, I would leave you.


How you break me. Throwing toothpicks at my eyeballs. Something so small that stings so ruthlessly. If I could do it alone, I really think I rather would. I sit here scowling. My lip curled, brows furrowed. What’s worse is Is I know in only a matter of hours I will find comfort in your arms. I opened the floodgates when it came to you. Allowing you freedom so I could possibly find my own solace, but only as an opinion. Unlike you, seeking out women like hellfire spreading. Time and time again I offer you chances to prove yourself and time and time again you show your true colors. If I were able to stand back and look upon this situation I have placed myself in with you I would raise an eyebrow and sarcastically think “Seriously?” I roll my eyes at your behavior. There is no line that you won’t cross, no buttons of mine you have no fear of pushing. I loath you in that way. Your lack of devotion is repulsive and I should seriously walk away, but even in our distance I can’t do without you. You’re my trusted friend, my rock and I would be sucked up into a vacuum if I didn’t have you to hold me steady. But you sure have a great way of making me feel stabbed in the back.

PS: Your a Dick…


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