Closing the book on another Chapter.


And I have no idea what to do with myself. I feel lost. I’m still in shock. Did I mention I pulled into the wrong driveway when I got home? I didn’t even realize until I had walked up to the porch.But it was so hard to refuse him when his logic made sense and he seemed so calm about the situation. I had no will to fight anymore, so I let it go. There is no longer a Knight & Mina… or a future Miss Wagner, or the earthship. Its gone, ripped from my hands like someone ripping off the head of a child’s favorite toy. I’m not sure how to feel about any of it. I plan to mourn desperately and wallow in myself for a while, Two weeks for every six months is my rule. About a year and a half together, that’s about a month and a half to mourn. If he’s off running around with other women in that time I’ll double it. I may buy an entire bottle of champagne, drink it to myself why taking a bath in my clothes. Yep, sounds like the best plan of action…


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