And here I thought you didn’t know how to be romantic.


Sometimes you come across individuals who are exactly that; individuals. My darling Knight happens to be one of them. Slightly awkward and not as secure in himself as he should be, but if the man learns to embrace himself he will shine so brightly. He would be unstoppable. Yesterday he opened up to me in he most romantic of ways. Now don’t get me wrong, not a majority of people may consider the execution romantic, but I certainly did. After two years of struggling and fearful of how I would react to his true side, the lion finally made his presence known and was it ever powerful, forceful, and damn charming.

A typical Tuesday, acting as nothing is different, knight and I planned to get together and have dinner and watch our shows as normal. I get off work and head over, letting myself in because he’s my best friend and I can do that :p. But normally he’s waiting on the couch when I walk in, but he wasn’t. His bedroom door was closed so I went to see if he was there. After knocking with no response I notice a note on the doorknob saying “Happy Birthday”. Curious I open the door and look around, but he’s nowhere to be seen. Instead on the bed are several packages with notes labeled “open me first, second and last”. I was curious and confused, but beaming ear to ear. I was baffled that he would ever make the effort to do something so profound. I opened the first package and giggled at what I found. A pair of white lace Victoria Secret stockings. The netting was soft and silky. A quality I had yet to wear before. The feeling on my skin was luxurious. An item that could really make a girl feel pampered. I moved earnestly to the second package. Inside was a box of sexy strap bold red heels and I realized immediately what was up. The third package was the dress I had previously longed for on our trip to the mall awhile back beforehand, while the last note said, “now put all this on and wait patiently for your real birthday present.” In earnest I threw off my clothing and replaced them, ruining the zipper in the process, or it was already screwed. The shoes were slightly large, but the stockings fit comfortably. I sat upon the bed and waiting impatiently. I must have been beaming brightly, because the look on Knights face was that of a job well done. He took me in his arms and ravished me senseless. Never had I seen him so dominate and it turned me on so immensely, I lost control of myself. The Moment was all there was and I followed his every command. I read somewhere that dominate personalities like to be submissive and visa versa, but never did I think I would enjoy it so much. I was scared when he would discribe it to me, but while on was on my knees i wanted nothing more than to please him. I didn’t care about getting off, I only wanted the experience of being there. He placed my hands in the ropes tied to the bed and I felt… A freedom of sorts. The letting go of control was freeing and I only wanted him to have his way with me.

What meant the most about the entire experience was that my birthday gift was not the stockings, shoes, or the dress. It was the moment when he said, “hi, I’m the Real knight, and I just did everything with you that I’ve ever done with the others.” My gift was after two years of fear, he opened himself up to me. It was the best gift he had ever given me, which says a lot because I thought the iPad was going to be hard to top. But there we were, having a real moment, and one that will likely stay in my favorites. Of course With the hopes of having many more. *wink*


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