My favorite swing May 06, 2015 at 12:41AM


So I was asked what was my ideal get-away spot and this was what came out:

I’m new to the area I am currently located, but I found a spot in a small town over; takes two minutes to drive past it. But alongside the river, in a spot that is quiet and quaint, but not lonely, resides a tank, a tree, and a swing. Not your typical park swing. More of a… here’s a board and a rope swing. The dirt below it is worn with time from the stopping of many feet. How many stories have likely happened on that swing, be it lovers or parents while with their child?

What a pleasure to visit that swing around dusk, when the sun was setting and the sky was glowing pink, blushing like the shade of my cheeks. If I could jump from the swing i would land in the river, though I don’t think my shoes would be so fond of the Mississippi. So instead I find joy with one who might push me, giggling as the rope spins me, the water below me, and the sun blowing me kisses goodnight.


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