Go Fuck Your High Horse!


He legitimately called me up just to ream me an ass and say something spiteful. He Essentially said that it didn’t matter if my car worked as long as his did. Like wtf? Just the way he said it. It was straight up mean! Completely unnecessary, and not very loving. Not to mention over the weekend meeting Seth, and then getting my ass chewed via text message by him was not at all pleasant either. To come home and lose my keys was hard enough, but then to get my ass chewed out and didn’t feel has been necessary. It makes me so grateful to have someone like Knight in my life. He has always gone out of his way to make me feel worthy not worthless, at least never intentionally. And to have him and my sister come through for me again today just made my heart beam. I feel so grateful. But also very alone after Matts phone call. If it wasn’t so late I’d run to Knights just to feel safe enough to sleep, but instead I feel worthless just because I didn’t remember to let him know my car key worked. It was a long stressful day. I was easily distracted and spent time with my sister. I had other priorities, one of which was taking time away from all the stress and watch some happy shows to provide me with some relief. Everything will be better once I can move back in with a knight. By then he’ll have his car working so no stress if something bad happens to mine, I won’t be paying so much so I won’t have to rely on Matt for anything and I can finally just tell him to Fuck off. I am tired of feeling like I can’t do anything right. Lesson in life learned, sometimes the nicest people really just have us all fooled. They are capable of the most severest spite and hate I’ve ever come across. Get off your mighty high horse and go to hell you prick.


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